The AAA Chipset

The custom chipset as the continuing basis for Amiga systems

By Beth Wise, Contributing Editor,

The AAA chipset may not be cutting edge in graphics technology, and may not be as good as the top of the line graphics card out there, but what do we have in our standard Amigas? AGA. It just doesn't cut it anymore. We need better graphics capabilities in an off-the-shelf Amiga, and we need it now. We also need it to be affordable. Many of the Amiga users I know will barely be able to buy one of the next generation Amigas, let alone drop another several hundred dollars/deutchmarks/pounds/what-have-you on even more superior graphics capabilities that aren't critical to the day to day operation of the computer. On top of the cost issue, how long does the Amiga have to wait for the best graphics capabilities on the market to be developed for it, and how long would it remain the best anyway, considering how fast "new" technology becomes obsolete these days? Those of us who feel they have to have the latest and greatest in graphics can buy the newest graphics boards for their miggies if they want, but for those of us who just want to use what we know to be *the* *best* computer and know that we have good graphics capabilities, something like the AAA chipset is the way to go.