Michael Webb's Investigation of AmigaDOS

Some obscure little details and tidbits that can make using your Amiga easier

By Michael Webb, Editor-in-Chief, 103165.3700@compuserve.com

What Exactly is Going to be Covered Here?

I will immediately tell you that this is NOT going to be an advanced tutorial. While that is something we can certainly do in the future, for now this is intended to reveal some relatively simple, but obscure, and potentially quite useful features of the Amiga OS.


Were you ever sitting there using your Amiga one day, and wishing that something was just a bit easier...that perhaps, you could improve your efficiency just a bit, or hope to find just one more ounce of versatility in the operating system?

Well, I've been using Amigas for nearly a decade now, and what that means, aside from my having seen many an LED-blinking/flashing red-orange rectangle over the years, is that I've had plenty of opportunities to explore the OS, (sometimes with,er, questionable results ;)), and I've found a number of things you might find useful.

Most, and probably even all of the tips I'm going to give you here ARE, in fact, documented somewhere. You might find them in books written by other long-time Amiga users, or in the system manuals themselves; but the point is that, generally, they're not well-known. So here's a roundup of some of the more useful obscure features of the Amiga OS that I use from day to day; I hope you find them useful, if you haven't heard them before.

The Investigation Begins!

Listed here is each tip, followed by a short description thereof.

In Conclusion...

Anyway, that does it for now. There you have a collection of some of the more useful obsure little features of the Amiga's OS that I frequently find useful from day to day. Let me know if you have any questions, would like me to clarify anything here, or have a suggestion of your own. I can certainly publish future updates to this article, as not only are there probably many things I forgot or simply neglected to mention, but there are also probably many other similarly-useful tidbits of Amiga OS knowledge floating throughout the Amiga community.

So I may one day expand upon this. In the meantime, well, just keep on computing!