Final Writer 5...Revisited

Some clarifications and additions


I'm glad to know I can count on our readers to keep me on my toes. Shortly after publication of the first issue, I received email messages from Nathan Morse of Columbus, Ohio, USA, and Allan Odgaard of Mayland fame (we will be taking a look at this new calendar/reminder program in an upcoming issue) informing me that I was wrong about some things.

Seriously, though, I am very thankful to those two for taking the time to point out my oversights. It is, after all, our job to convey correct information, and it's good to see the readers raising their voices when we don't exactly do that. I thereby extend the invitation to all of you to feel free to notify us if you detect an error.

Without further ado, let's get down to business.

What Was Wrong

The following clips are from the Final Writer 5 review in Volume 1 Issue 1 (August 1996) of The Amiga Monitor:

What I said wasn't exactly wrong, but it did represent some glaring omissions.

How It's Done

There you have it. The record has been set straight. In addition, I'd like to supplement the review with one additional complaint: Final Writer seems to have a nasty little bug that freezes the machine if you click the resize button during, or just after, opening another document once one is already open. In other words, if FW is already running and you open an additional document window (and it comes up smaller than, and offset from, the first document window), and you click the resize gadget, your Amiga is likely to freeze right then and there. No "Software Failure" requester, no "Guru Meditation" alert, just motionlessness. Until this problem gets fixed somehow, I would advise you to wait until a document is fully loaded before resizing the window, and even then, save anything important before opening another document window.

So that (seemingly!) ends the ongoing saga of The Amiga Monitor and Final Writer 5. I hope that, this time, we can put this whole affair (ahem!) behind us...and, incidentally, my recommendation for Final Writer 5 remains the same: it's one of the best things out there for Word Processing and Desktop Publishing...and it ain't too bad a text editor either...after all, you're reading this document, aren't you? ;-)

-By Michael Webb
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