The Midwest Amiga Exposition

An upcoming must-see Amiga event

By Michael Webb, Editor-in-Chief,


At that time and place, there will be a gathering of various Amiga companies and groups, hosted by AmiCON (The Amiga Central Ohio Network). Among those slated to be present are VIScorp, QuikPak, Silent Paw Productions, Nova Design, and many more. The list is still growing, and for the most up-to-date information available, visit the web page dedicated to this event at

Attendees of this show can expect to find out a good deal of information about new or soon-to-be Amiga products. In addition, on October 20 (the second day of the event), all developers/vendors present (including VIScorp) will be involved in a "Roundtable Discussion" that will give an open forum to the audience to ask any questions they might have.

The Midwest Amiga Exposition should bring many important issues to the fore, and provide an interesting look at some products the Amiga community can expect to see shortly. In addition, it will be a chance for Amiga users to meet for a few days and exchange ideas, predictions, or thoughts in general on affairs in the Amiga community.

One issue of which potential attendees should be aware is the following, as stated by a representative of AmiCON:

"We did find out one disturbing fact:
The Quarterhorse Congress is in town for several weeks, and we have had a hard time finding rooms for those who are from out of town. Regrettably, I don't have any other ideas for overnight accommodations; there are other places nearby, but they appear to be booked as well. The only thing I can tell these people is to check with a travel agent or triple A to find accommodations."

See AmiCON's web site for more information.