To Program an Amiga...

The prologue to a comprehensive look at Amiga programming languages

By Paul Somerfeldt, Chief Contributing Writer,

Once in a while, in a past life, I would program computers. Mostly for a grade, but once in a while I would do it for fun. Some folks collect high technology toys as a hobby, I collect programming languages. About the only rule I have for learning/collecting languages is, it will never be COBOL.

Recently, Mr. Webb and I were discussing programming languages. We discussed the utility and currency of some languages. This got me to wondering what languages were and are available for the Amiga, and how close to the "standards" these languages are.

My intention is to write a report on what programming languages are and were available. Mostly because I want to know, but why not share with you. This won't be a report on what language is better than the rest, but merely to show what is available, and what they can do. If any of you can help me by sending me the names of the producers of any of the packages, and their e-mail addresses, snail-mail addresses, and any other pertinent information, I can then report on that information to the rest of you. I am particularly interested in the obscure languages, but any help on any languages you can offer would be appreciated.

Thanks for your help.