The Sam Report: OFFENDED!

Commodore left us with disappointment, and ESCOM with a void; but where are we left with VIScorp?

By Sam Ormes, Senior Editor and Chief Correspondent,

I am offended by the satirical cartoon by Kyle Webb which appears elsewhere in this publication. If you haven't seen it yet, please do so now. I will wait till you get back. you saw, it is entitled "The Three Stooges" and they are CBM, Escom and VIScorp. The tag line is "...sitting on offense..."!

The reasons I find this cartoon offensive are not what you think. It is cute, insightful, and right to the point. What does offend me is that we Amigans are the invisible "Fourth Stooge!" Commodore at least gave us the magnificent machine we all use, and Escom tried its best to put it back on track until they fell victim to the pitfalls of the overall personal computer marketplace. Credit where credit is due.

However, this latest situation really leaves me feeling "stooged." When the timing is right, I will be revealing some things I have known for a year and a half regarding our supposed savior "VIScorpse." In the meanwhile you will have to settle for the current silence (which speaks volumes)....and the current nasty jokes ("lots of Bucks")... and the pathetic, apologetic, defensive pronouncements by Jason Compton who sold his soul for a paycheck even though he knew full well that VIScorp was a phantom company with no real substance and no intentions nor resources with which to "save the Amiga."

Yeah...I am offended by that cartoon...only because we deserved better!