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Pagestream 3.2

I need help with Pagestream 3.2.

I have e-mailed the company but received no reply. Many times when I go to print a document with PS 3.2 the program crashes. I did not have this problem using PS 3.01. I use an HP 560 printer using the correct printer driver. Any ideas what the problem could be?

Tom Posey

I wish I had an answer for you, Tom, but I have no experience with Pagestream or HP printers, and nobody else that I have asked has been able to help yet. However, I'll try to give you some working ideas.

First, try to send E-Mail to the company again. If there is more than one address, try them all. Second, if you have a "snail-mail" address for them, try that. Finally, try to contact them by phone if you have such a number.

It's possible, and in fact quite probable, that the program has a bug. I would advise that you check on Aminet, using "pagestream" as a search string. There are some assorted patches and other programs there, including HP printer drivers. One or more of these might help your problem. You can also find SoftLogik's web site on the Amiga Web Directory under "Companies."

Was the update installed properly? If it wouldn't be too much trouble, you could try saving important data and reinstalling the program from scratch. If the problem turns out to be somehow irreconcilable, can you still use PS 3.0.1?

Do you have commodities or other programs running? You could try disabling them all and seeing if the problem persists, in the event of an incompability. If not, you can reinstall them one at a time to see what the culprit is. Another thing to try is booting from a system-standard Workbench disk and then seeing if the problem continues (assuming PageStream doesn't have any special User-Startup assigns).

One final diagnostic that comes to mind is to try printing something simple using the Generic printer driver (if this is possible with PageStream), or any other printer driver that might work (perhaps another HP?). You might find a compatible driver; I, for example, have successfully been using Epson drivers on my ancient Star NX-1000 for some time.

The point of the matter is that any link in the chain could be the weak one. I don't know enough about the program to tell which, but I have tried to illustrate all the possibilites.

Finally, if there are any readers out there who have any potential solution to this problem, or a lead that may successfully lead to an answer, please feel free to write in. We would be pleased to help you share your knowledge.

Michael Webb
Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

Lynx Bookmarks

Thanks for keeping me informed of Amiga's future. I really hope that this computer will succeed and grow some more!!

I have a question about using Lynx on the internet. I use this all the time through Aladdin and Genie as I don't have a phone line fast enough, nor the graphical software, to use the point and click approach.

Is there a way to bookmark an area that you have gone to? The list of options doesn't include bookmarking, so I have no idea if it can remember favourite spots for me to recall. I know there's a bookmark file, from the options page, but how to I put entries into it and how do I go to the spots that are in the bookmark file?

Patrick Coates

No problem on the Lynx bookmark. Just hit the "a" key. The "a" key stands for add. Then when the requester comes up hit the "d" key to save it as a document bookmark. To view your list of bookmarks hit the "v" key. Its that easy.

I suggest that anyone interested in Lynx get the docs. Use one of the web search tools such as WebCrawler or Lycos. Search for Lynx and manual. I hope this helps.

Danny Green

Picasso II

This letter is to the Editors@HelpDesk.

I just read the letter section about the gentleman who wanted to upgrade his video. I wanted to correct you about the Picasso II board. It does not go in the video slot. It is a Zorro II board. You run a cable from the video port to the Picasso, and another cable from the Picasso to your monitor. Just nit-picking. Thanks for supporting the Amiga.

Thank you for bringing that up. My Amiga is an A500, so I haven't had any experience with slots; therefore, I erroneously assumed that the Picasso board would go into the video slot. I checked with my sources, and you are right.

Please excuse any misconceptions or other inconveniences that that error caused.

Michael Webb
Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

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