And you thought your parents had a hard time...

The Story

You are a parent bograt and you think you have just put your two young bograt children to bed with a story about the magic eggs that are held in the Mystical Castle of Bog. Meanwhile your children have decided to take a little adventure into the castle to retrieve the eggs. You have to get them and the eggs out of the castle.

The Game

You accomplish your goal by controlling not the two children, but the parent bograt. Any bograt can pick up eggs and you can only exit each of the 60 levels when both children are through the level and it is clear of all eggs. You accomplish this by employing levers, moving blocks and springs among other tools in each of the platform-type levels. On the levels you will find the bombs and keys you might need, with bombs only being able to be picked up by the parent for use in destroying some obstacles. That is the main extent of the violence in this game, as the focus is on solving the puzzle of each level to continue the game.

To help the parent bograt, you have a map of each level that you can peruse at any time since levels can be much larger than the screen. The baby bograts are color-coded to show their differing talents. The red baby can pick up the keys and open doors while the blue one can shock the fungus creatures that try to hurt the babies. If a baby does get hurt, not to fret, it simply reappears at the nearest starting position. This is good since there are many hazards besides the fungus. There are plenty of traps to make your life difficult.

As in any good game, you can save and load your position and can control the sound effects and music.

If you like platform puzzle games, this one is for you.

Graphics, Sound, And General Multimedia Effects

Graphics: Good as any platform game. Certainly better than most. The characters are very imaginative and the backgrounds are well-detailed. The opening animation is cute, simple, quick, and easily fast-forwarded through. The animation is very smooth. Platform games can often jerk rather than scroll. This game has no problem in that respect.

Sound: The music is nice and the sound effects are what you would expect from this type of game.

Overall, The graphics and sound are not cutting edge, but all in all, they are well-done. The animation and background really make for a good platform game, and this one has both.

In Conclusion

This game can easily hold its own against most other platform games on any computer platform.



Platform, Puzzle Game

Vulcan Software Ltd.

72 Queens Road
Buckland, Portsmouth, Hants, PO27NA
Installation:85%No installer; you have to copy the two disks onto your hard drive. Game can be played from floppy also.
Playability:95%Good platform game. Puzzles can drive you nuts, though. I guess that's the idea.
Graphics:90%Nice backgrounds and characters.
Sound:88%Good sound and music.
Documentation:82%Small B&W manual with no illustrations at all.
Performance:98%Super smooth scrolling.
Controls:90%Joystick, how hard can it be?

Overall Score:


Good puzzle game with the promise of possible future expansions to be made available.


AGA Amiga, 2 MB RAM, Joystick
Accelerator, Hard Drive

-By Anthony Becker
Write to him at email address