Introduction to the Cover Disk: The Hardware Book

A thorough reference on computing hardware

By Greg Noggle, Telecommunications Editor and Hardware Guru,

I was going to write about my new graphics board, but it hasn't arrived yet :(. So it's time to go with Plan B. Hopefully next time I will be able to publish a review with my opinions of the Picasso IV. If anybody else wants me to review something, let me know. Please remember that I am doing this for fun and am not getting rich doing this. So if I don't have it, don't feel too bad. If I get something for review, I keep it, by the way. No, I am not expecting anything, but it was worth a try. The Amiga Monitor is very much interested and willing to do reviews of hardware/software.

Plan "B" is publishing a document that I found on the Aminet. It contains stuff that I didn't know. So I think it is useful anyway. The author did a very nice job, but there are no guarantees.

Click here to download the file "hwb10ami.lha" (650K) from The AM Home Site