Just For Fun

To while away the weeks while the trustee ponders.

As the Executive Editor, I would like to welcome The Amiga Monitor's first advertiser.

The Gates Crate!

Have you ever left the computer store wondering if the box you bought has what it takes to run the latest in bloated operating system, only to get home and find out that you needed hundreds of dollars worth of add-ons to be in compliance before the setup utility would let you use your new toy? Have you ever asked the question, "But can't I just upgrade my old machine to run the new software?"

Well, we at Gates Crate have ended the endless questioning. We have put together all you need to run the latest from Microsoft. What kind of video card does it have? You don't need to ask because you don't need to know. Through our crack engineering staff's years of pondering we have finally come across the one big truth behind the PC myth. The hardware is merely a casing for the sale of a Microsoft Operating System. Which one, you ask. Well, the latest one, of course! As we all know that is the only one that matters. We have even eliminated that pesky human urge to deny progress by either trying to upgrade the old crate to hold the new OS and, dare we mention it, the rumored attempts by end users to use old, wornout operating systems. How have you done this great thing, Gates Crate, you ask. Our Gates Crates, much like your milk, have an expiration date. Yes, after an operational lifetime of 2.5 years your Gates Crate will demand its deserved rest, giving you one month to purchase your new Gates Crate. Does the Gates Crate come with the latest operating system, you ask. Of course! Is there any other operating system? We didn't think so.

So, run right out and take the hassle out of computer buying. Get a Gates Crate today!

-Executive Editor, Anthony Becker takes all responsibility for this. In his defense, the original Gates Crate idea was originated by one Robert Calabro, former Commodore Regional Product Demonstrator.
Write to him at e-mail address commodoreuser@juno.com