Cryptic Findings on the Internet

We found something interesting on an Amiga site recently...

By Michael Webb, Editor-in-Chief, MikeWebb@CompuServe.COM

Recently, in my travels upon the World Wide Web, I happened upon a particular page that had more than met the eye.

It is called "the Broken web site," Internet home to an Amiga-oriented organization by that name ("Broken"), and the URL is If you follow a link to their "News" page, an item dated October 2, 1997 gives a cryptic description of something on the site.

As it turns out, it is a riddle, the answer to which lies somewhere between the site itself, and the web visitor's creativity. I was able to figure out part of the trick, but haven't had much time to explore further. I thought I would feature this particular site here, however, in case we have any great code-crackers/deriddlers out there in the Amiga community that would like to give it a try.

How do you find the answer? Well, I can't tell you. After all, that wouldn't be fair, would it? But I can tell you there is a clue in this article.

This could, incidentally, be the start of a regular department in which we feature one or several Amiga-oriented sites each month. Such things are all in the planning stages, but keep that in mind for the future, especially if you have an Amiga page with your own unique twist to it. Riddles not required, of course...

Other than that, if you do try to solve the riddle, good luck!