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The Farce of the Month

By Michael Webb, Editor-in-Chief, and Kyle Webb, Assistant Editor,
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For Immediate Release


Computer scientists announced the newest innovation in Internet and networking communications protocols this week with the release of the PCP/IP protocol.

Researchers (including many Computer Science and Chemical Engineering undergraduates) throughout the nation participated in the effort that officially began last year, but was rumored to have had its origins at the University of Berkeley in California back in the '60's.

Potential applications for the new protocol abound, ranging from new e-mail clients supporting wildly colorful inlined images and sound to upholding the notion that the Internet really is useful. However, there are still quirks to be ironed out, such as unpredictable, seemingly random crashes. Additionally, beta testers have exhibited extremely violent tendencies towards their Windows 95 machines, as a result of an understandable feeling that their operating system is out to get them.

The "head" researcher in charge of the project was apparently unavailable for comment. He should be back down in a couple of hours.

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