About Editors@HelpDesk

Editors@HelpDesk is, and has been, a free service of The Amiga Monitor staff since the magazine's introduction. Through this department, we publish readers' questions along with any answers or helpful information we can provide. The following is the procedure for question submission to Editors@HelpDesk:

  1. Send a message with a description of your question or problem to mrw11@cornell.edu (please check The AM Link Redirection Page for an up-to-date e-mail address first if possible, but otherwise use this address) Please try to be specific, and include any information that might be related to the situation.
  2. Once we receive your question, we will attempt to answer it, and may publish it in the Editors@HelpDesk department in a future issue.
    Very Important:

To summarize, the service Editors@HelpDesk is provided "as is." No other guarantees are made, whatsoever.

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