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The Amiga Monitor

The Amiga Monitor is published monthly online by Excelsior Digital Publishing, 1996-1998.

The Amiga Monitor and Excelsior Digital Publishing are based in Binghamton, New York, USA.

The Amiga Monitor is published monthly in HTML format, and then translated by Anthony Becker into AmigaGuide format. The HTML version is posted in LhA and ZIP archive formats, while the AmigaGuide version is posted in LhA archive format only.

The HTML version of The Amiga Monitor requires a tables-supporting web browser to render the HTML properly; however, it should be readable with other browsers. The HTML code in The Amiga Monitor is currently developed primarily with CygnusEd and IBrowse on the Amiga.

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Availability of The Amiga Monitor

The home site for The Amiga Monitor is on The Webb Site at, where all formats are available, past issues are archived, and new issues become available the soonest. For a list of other sites where AM is available in one form or another, see the Mirror List.

Legal Information

The views expressed within this magazine are not necessarily those of the publisher, the magazine itself, or of the organization comprising the magazine. The Amiga Monitor is an independent publication, not legally or fiscally bound to the former Commodore or any of its subsidiaries, ESCOM, Amiga Technologies, VIScorp, phase 5, PIOS, Amiga International, Amiga Incorporated, Gateway 2000, or any other company or organization involved now or ever in the development or manufacture of the Amiga personal computer.

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