The Sam Report: Where Are We Now?

The Amiga's New Direction

By Sam Ormes, Senior Editor, See staff list for e-mail address

"Sam Ormes was recently asked by an Amigan colleague for his opinion of recent developments. He sent this e-mail response and, upon reflection, could find nothing better to say for this month's Sam Report."

Steve.....I have followed the whole thing closely since 5/15 and really don't have the answers to your questions. My only feelings are:

  1. Schindler should take a course in "Clarity of Communications." He totally (expletive deleted) up the big announcement and caused more confusion than anything. Inexcusable incompetence!
  2. GW is obviously making a "quantum leap" of some kind with an "Amiga" label attached to whatever they are doing. I doubt that the product will have much in common with the platform that we know by that name.
  3. A lot of folks, such as phase 5/Haage, are really (expletive deleted) that the PPC option has been so quickly abandoned by Amiga Inc. and are gearing up to wage warfare. Such fragmentation does not augur well for the Amiga community as we know it today.

Other than those thoughts... I don't know what to think <g>.


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