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BIT ONE: Apologies for the Lack of Monthly Bytes

Many may have noticed the lack of Tone Byte last month and the shortness of this month's. This is due to the lack of time the past two months between family and work commitments. I can only try to assure all of you that next month's will be complete, on-time, and have the time devoted to it that it deserves.
Contributed by: Anthony Becker

BIT TWO: Vulcan's Genetic Species is Near!

I have received word from Vulcan that this title is nearly available. This is a fast, highly detailed testure-mapped dungeon game that runs well even on a 50-MHz 68030 AGA Amiga. Unlike the ports we are seeing of Descent, Doom, and Quake, Genetic Species was made specifically for the Amiga and runs well on this platform.

You can preview this game to see how well it will run on your system by downloading the demo from Aminet.

Vulcan Software Ltd.

72 Queens Road
Buckland, Portsmouth, Hants, PO27NA
Contributed by: Anthony Becker, Executive Editor

BIT Three: Olo Fight

You might be asking, "what exactly is an Olo Fight?" Well, it is in the genre of Mortal Combat and Street Fighter. You and an opponent face off on opposite sides of the screen with joysticks in hand and have at it. This one, however, has a few little things to make it that much more interesting. First off is the nice background music and sounds. These are very well done and surpassed by only the nicely animated backdrops over which you and your opponent fight. On my test Amiga, an '030 1200 running at 50 MHz, it was silky smooth. There is also no need to set your Amiga to a certain screenmode to play the game. I was running an NTSC Workbench with the demo unarchived to RAM: and it ran just as if I had booted it off a floppy. The demo only has two fighters and one backdrop but will get you a good feel for this great game.
Figure 1: Screenshot from Olo Fight

FEATURES of the final relese:
- 10 different fighters with more than 400 animation frames each
- 25-fps animations
- 10 special moves for each of the fighters
- power-ups
- realistic collision detection
- more than 3000 colours on screen at the same time on any AGA Amiga
- objects moving on different parallax layers, behind/in front of fighters
- floor with 3D perspective motion
- background music adapting itself to the game events
- 100% rendered graphics
- animated backgrounds
- shadow effect reflecting fighters' movements
- multilingual support for both the game and the manual
- network gaming over the Internet
- High scores handled through their Web server so you can know where you stand against the entire Amiga community

Any AGA Amiga, Floppy drive

>1 MB of Fast RAM, TCP/IP stack, Fast Modem

$39 US Dollars including shipping

Summer, Preorders and booking available

Visit their Web site to preorder or find out more:

Contributed by: Anthony Becker, Executive Editor

-Edited by Anthony Becker-
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