Amiga Yellow Pages

A new web site for the benefit of the Amiga Community

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Announcing a new Web Site for the Benefit of The Amiga Community.

Amiga Yellow Pages.

Launched Sunday 7 June 1998.

Amiga Yellow Pages is like any other Yellow Pages -- but dedicated to the Amiga only.

Everything appears as a classified listing From Amiga International (A) through (b) books (Amiga), Games developers, Hardware Developers, Internet Service Providers, etc., etc.

The big difference, unlike other web classified pages, is that small companies without their own Internet web site can have a large classified display link.

(AYP is non profit making).

For example, one of the companies featured Fore-Matt home computing (a small company hoping to breakthrough in the Amiga scene) have a large display box which includes their phone number.

It is really these type of small business that AYP was setup for.

However any one can have a link as long as they are Amiga related. From large companies i.e. phase 5 through to Bedroom programmers, user groups, etc.

See for yourself at:

AYP is also looking for Shops around the World which stock Amiga Products. If you know of any such retailers please e-mail me at:

Please Help Amiga Yellow Pages to Help the Amiga Community.


Regards, Mikey C

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