You Ain't Seen Nuthin' Yet!

"Says who?"

By Kyle Webb, Assistant Editor, See staff list for e-mail address

The dust begins to settle over the long night to come after The Infamous Announcement of May 15, and promises a dark period where Things Go Bump In The Night, and our worst fears take shape in haunting visions, dreams and nightmares alike. The winds of change stir up the fallout further clouding the horizon, blocking out the light of day, depriving us of much-needed light, a light we need to grow and thrive.

No, it isn't Armageddon; ever since Amiga Inc. unleashed a twisted whisper of hope unto the Amiga community, the newsgroups, magazines, and user groups have echoed with the disbelief of the disillusioned. There are the faithful who have embraced the New Deal, but by far the gist of what I've heard says Yes, we'll see a New Amiga, but it won't be the computer we know and love.

Then the following appears, as if AI heard the jaded begin to get up out of their seats and prepare to leave the theatre, as if signalling the show just might be over.

>>-----Original Message-----
>>From: Carl Sassenrath <>
>>To: Russ Yost <>
>>Date: Thursday, June 04, 1998 1:48 PM
>>Subject: Re: Sassenrath Sez

>>I saw an "early demo"... as well the architectural plans.  It's very
>>good... a perfect successor... with all the advances of the last
>>15 years.   But, it's *very* secret and long term.

>>Don't even try to guess at what I am referring to... you would be
>>wrong...  you've never heard of this before.  Recognize that a lot of
>>advancements in computing happen behind closed doors (unlike the
>> vaporous style of hyping future products practiced by some
>>market leaders).  I was honored to be invited to view and discuss it.

>>I wish I could say more.  But, this is Amiga Inc's thunder, not mine.
>>I'm pretty certain Amigans will accept it -- in fact they'll love it --
>>once they make it through the "void" (right now).


If this is not a well-planned "leak," then I don't know what it is. Fact in point, I don't know what it is. And neither will anyone else who reads it; all I get out of the body of the message is SSDD (Same Stuff Different Day), or rather, a re-wording of the message sent by Amiga Inc. for quite a while now: "Don't Worry, Be Faithful." Amusingly, it sounds like an "Elvis Sighting," with the added "punch" that Mr. Carl Sassenrath Himself speaks the words AI knows we want to hear.

So, in reference to the title of this essay, "You Ain't Seen Nuthin' Yet"...that's right. I ain't seen nuthin' yet. Except the domino-like falling of Amiga-related businesses including Oregon Research and Deimos Design (just to name a few). I suspect these late-breaking developments related to The Amiga don't much help those folks, or make them feel terribly hopeful.

Don't get me wrong! I would be overjoyed to awaken from this long, strange trip to a world where Amiga was a real contender in a society become complacently "satisfied" (for lack of a better word) with PC's and Windows (one can realistically equate the two terms). The most significant acquisition in knowledge for me since being (somewhat) forced to acquaint myself with the "workings" (also for lack of a better word :) of Windows is the quantum leap in the number, and style, of curses I have endowed upon numerous work sessions with The Dreaded 95. (After a short period of time, I ran out of the standard oaths, as they became so frequently used that their impact wilted; as a result, such expositions as, "You dirty slug-eating miswired tepid-brained insignificant piece of (fill in the blank, from The Standard List :)"...became common, and actually eased the tension (from the laughter) and increased my vocabulary somewhat.)

I remember (this old song and dance) when Chrysler bought American Motors Corporation, and the very-popular 4-wheel-drive passenger vehicle, The Eagle, was promised continued production. The product that resulted from that event, sadly, did not resemble the Eagle that had gained so many faithful users, who disgustedly shook their collective heads at what was "tagged" as the Eagle, and left in droves to seek other established venues for their 4-wheelin' needs.

I fervently hope that Amiga Inc. has good intentions for The Amiga, and that we will recognize it, if and when it appears on the market.

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