Obituary: Deimos Design

Another one bites the dust

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Subj:	 Vulcan News
Date:	98-05-29 12:20:12 EDT
From: (Paul Carrington BA)

Vulcan Software Development Team News

Deimos Design, the development team responsible for the Amiga PPC CDRom
title 'Maim & Mangle' have come to the painstaking decision to cease all
development on the Amiga platform and move to the PC-CDRom platform. 

     Since early 97, Deimos Design has existed with one goal in mind, to
support the Amiga with high specification PPC products. Throughout
development of 'Maim & Mangle' many things have affected the fluidity,
but the overwhelming factor that prompted the change of platform was the
economic realities of the Amigas constantly eroding user base. 

     Vulcan Software are also sad to see the disappearance of what
promised to be an awesome Amiga title but fully understand and support
their decision. 

Live Long & Prosper!
Paul Carrington BA (Director)
Vulcan Software Limited (Software Development & Amiga Publishing Company)

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