The Sam Report: I'm Not Dancing!

Promises made, hopes delayed, and the Amiga

By Sam Ormes, Senior Editor, See staff list for e-mail address

I had a dream the other night. Went like this.

Checkbook in hand, I finally reached the head of the long line and was ready to buy my brand new state-of-the-art Amiga 5000. It had been a long time coming and my 4-6 year old Amigas were badly in need of replacement. The salesclerk cleared his throat, put on his best "bait and switch" face and said:

"Sir, we've had some unavoidable delays in production. There will be an Amiga Intel-based machine maybe in the next six months, but for developers only....and there might be a splendid mystery computer around the turn of the century but it may not run your existing software or hardware peripherals. The PPC Amigas that we announced as the platform of the future fell victim to a 'change of plans' and we are leaving that for the gullible Europeans to fight over."

"However," he continued, "we are able at the present time to offer our loyal Amiga customers a splendid line of Amiga-related items that will brighten up your computing life! We've got POSTERS, we've got COFFEE MUGS, we've got VIDEOTAPES of all the recent Amiga non-events, we've got BOING SHOES and BOING CARS. We even have the AMIGA THEME SONG on a CD for your listening and dancing pleasure! How many would you like to order, sir?"

At that point I awoke. I was still hungry but there was no food so I decided to head over to the forum to catch the latest circus being offered by the benevolent Emperors.

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