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By Kyle Webb, Assistant Editor, See staff list for e-mail address

"Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends..."

Hi, folks, and welcome back to SHOWTIME!

In this month's issue of The Amiga Monitor, developments are fast and furious in the upcoming AmiWest 98 show (, being held at the Ramada Inn in Sacramento, California, July 11 and 12, 1998). There are rather lengthy expositions being posted in Team Amiga's News Channel, and it was decided their needs are better met by publishing those postings in "Press Releases" this month. There you will find the most current developments that I have received regarding this ever-expanding, and likely highly successful show. "Everybody who's anybody" is going to be there :)

Something I should have made a point of before in previous installments of SHOWTIME! : It is likely that what you read here is outdated, due to time lapse between the submission of the article and the time The Amiga Monitor is published. I strongly suggest for up-to-the-minute listings of exhibitors and any format changes, you consult the show's website, always provided here in the article.

Back to AmiWest: Here's their nifty banner / link, for those of you who missed SHOWTIME!, or want to have an in-depth look around the AmiWest site.

And, a message from Gary Peake of Team Amiga:

Subj:	[TA] Amiwest
Date:	98-06-10 18:35:31 EDT
From: (Gary Peake)
To: (TeamAmiga)

God willing and if the creek doesn't rise, I am going to Amiwest (at the
insistance and with the help of some of our sponsors) and will have a very
special Team *AMIGA* Amiwest surprise prepared for everyone. 

More details when I can.

There was, since my last report on AmiWest 98, a lengthening of the list of exhibitors:


Midwest Amiga Expo Banner

Midwest Amiga Expo (


1998 Midwest Amiga Exposition Exhibitors

"What companies and user groups are going to the 1998 Midwest Amiga Expo? This page should help you answer that question. Top Amiga companies who support the future of the Amiga will attend our show, just like last year. If you thought we had a lot of exhibitors last year, you can be sure that with almost double the show floor space, we'll be busy trying to beat that record. Please stay tuned to this page for updates. This list will grow.

"A partial list of exhibitors for our show:

And, a press release update, received in my office 6-18-98:

Press Release: Update - The 1998 Midwest Amiga Exposition.
October 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.
From: The Amiga Central Ohio Network, David Pearce and Ronn Black - MAE Coordinators.
Date: June 17th, 1998.

The Amiga Central Ohio Network is pleased to announce the recent update to the exhibitor listings for the Midwest Amiga Exposition along with the new face-lift our web site has recently received.

Our show this year is taking place at the Hyatt Regency Columbus, which offers us almost 7,000 square feet of exhibitor space, making this show THE largest show in North America this year and doubling our show from last year! The Hyatt Regency is a perfect location for our event and features dozens of downstairs restaurants and shops as well as being close by many activities, restaurants, and micro breweries of downtown Columbus. We are also proud to announce that IRC, Web Cam, and WWW access will be available from the show floor this year. We will be setting up dedicated lines for each of these allowing for total participation from the Amiga community from around the world with no interruptions!

You can check out who is going to be present at our show by visiting and following the "Who will be there" link. Right now, we've only listed a few companies and user groups who have committed at this time. Many more will be appearing soon as the show dates draw closer, so please watch for updates in the coming weeks.

At this time the seminars are being lined up with the gracious help of the ICOA ( who have done an outstanding job of coordination and scheduling past seminars at other major Amiga events around the world. Our seminars page will be updated soon with a list of times, costs, and descriptions of the seminars that will be offered.

Vendors are encouraged to sign up soon and get your requests for prime floor space in early. All vendors will receive detailed instructions and floor specs as the show dates draw closer. Pipe and drape is available for that "professional" look as well as dedicated phone lines. Please visit and follow the "Exhibitor Information" link to find out prices, selections and other details.

For room reservations, please contact the HYATT REGENCY COLUMBUS at (800) 233-1234 or (614) 463-1234 and tell them you will be attending the Midwest Amiga Exposition on October 2nd, 3rd, and 4th to receive a special show attendee discount. Also, please make sure you call the Hyatt Regency Columbus and not the Hyatt of downtown Columbus. These are two different places and we're not big enough to occupy both at the same time (yet!).

Tickets are $12.00 for two days and $8.00 for one day, available at the door of the show. Some seminars may be extra.

Grand prizes, games, new products, official press statements, educational seminars, great people, great deals, and everything great about the Amiga will be at the Midwest Amiga Exposition! So shouldn't you be?

Visit our web pages at, check out the show details, send us mail about our typos ;) and if you don't see your favorite Amiga vendor on the list, e-mail us and we'll make sure they know you want to see them at the 1998 Midwest Amiga Exposition!

If you have any questions about attending the show or seminars, or about exhibiting for our show, please e-mail David Pearce, or Ronn Black, A phone number will be available shortly to take inquiries.


David Pearce,
Ronn Black,
MAE Coordinators

The Amiga Central Ohio Network
P.O. Box 18311
Columbus Ohio 43218

Well, folks, that about does it for SHOWTIME! for this issue...

Next time we meet, look for an in-depth report on AmiWest 98, plus further developments on the MidWest Expo. And, if I am good :) I may be able to bring real live action shots from the scene, courtesy of Unnamed Reliable Source (who must remain anonymous for now, or he'd "....have to bring enough for everybody!!" A wink and a nudge to AC :)

"....I thought YOU were bringing the popcorn!!!"

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