The Sam Report: Calendar Circling is Back

By Sam Ormes, Senior Editor,

Back in July I lamented that there were no Amiga dates circled on my calendar. After years of "two more weeks till the big announcement," suddenly Gateway entered the picture and nothing was scheduled.

That has changed. The good news is that calendar circling is back. The bad news is that nothing happens on the big days! November was a big month for circling..... followed by disappointment.

AmiCON in Columbus, Ohio in early November was hardly memorable, unless you get your jollies from collecting tee shirts. Petro gave us more "Amigaspeak" and apparently admitted that nothing COULD be announced at AmiCON because the "really big" event was to take place in Germany a few weeks later.

And it did take place, in Cologne on November 14-16 (also duly circled). Nothing happened there either! We were maybe expecting Gateway to unveil their new line of Amigas, or at least announce the future direction of the platform. Instead we got more little Petro-cloners. Even the much anticipated Amiga Forever release from Cloanto turned out to be a "preview" edition. Bummer.

But hey, soon as I get a 1998 calendar I am going to circle March 14-15 when Amiga '98 takes place in St. Louis. Big things always happen at the Gateway Computer Show and maybe Gateway is waiting for Gateway to knock our socks off!