The Amiga 4000 Tower: Purchasing Costs

"Show me the money"

By Michael Webb, Editor-in-Chief, MikeWebb@CompuServe.COM

Listed below are the prices for the A4000T, and the various components that have gone into building it into a computer system. The currency in which they are given is U.S. dollars. I apologize if the numbers are therefore unclear to you, but I cannot provide foreign equivalents at this time.

Costs Per Item

Items Included at Time of Purchase
Item NamePrice
A4000T (with 2.1-GB HD) (see note #1 below)$2789.95
Three additional 4-MB 60-ns SIMM's$90.00
AmTrade A357 A4000T HD floppy drive$109.95
Village Tronic Ariadne Ethernet Card$239.95
Village Tronic AmiTCP/IP v4.3$94.95
Distant Suns 5.01 CD NTSC$0.00 (see note #2 below)
Airborne 2-Day Shipping$0.00 (see note #2 below)
Items Added Before or After Purchase
Item NamePrice
Amiga International M1764 (later GPM 1701) 17-inch Multiscan Monitor$679.95
Data Memory Systems (DMS) 32-MB 60-ns Fast Page Mode SIMM$79.00

Total Price for A4000T System: $4083.75


  1. The standard HD is currently 1 GB, with total standard A4000T price of $2697.
  2. Distant Suns and shipping were included free of charge, as an exchange for shipping on a returned item.