The Amiga 4000 Tower: Summary of Complaints

Various types of grievances concerning the A4000T

By Michael Webb, Editor-in-Chief, MikeWebb@CompuServe.COM

Included here are categorized lists of my complaints about the A4000T. The categories themselves are alphabetized, while the items within are in no particular order.

The complaints themselves range from severe to minor. If you see something listed here that seems like nit-picking on my part, I probably wasn't extremely displeased, but rather have mentioned it simply to cover all the bases. I felt like I was being very picky while writing some of this, but I believe these items are worthy of mention.

The Design of the A4000T in Particular

The CyberStorm MKII 68060 Processor Board (phase 5)

The Design of the AGA Chipset and Related Components

The Direction ESCOM and Amiga Technologies Took in Their Reintroduction of the Amiga

The Purchase

"Unsolved Mysteries"