AM Reader Poll: Amiga and America Online?: Results So Far

Tabulated results from the current ongoing AM Reader Poll

By Paul Somerfeldt, Contributing Editor,

Well folks, here is the first update of the Amiga AOL poll. Not quite as many respondents as I had hoped for, but I suspect it had something to do with problems at the Amiga Web Directory over the last couple of weeks.

There were 12 replies.

  1. Amiga System:
    	A500	A2000	A3000	A1200	A4000	A4000T
    	1	1	1	3	5	1

  2. CPU:
            68000	68020	68030	68040	68060	PPC
    	0	1	4	5	2	(1)

  3. AmigaOS:
    	1.X	2.X	3.0	3.1
    	0	0	2	10

  4. Total Memory:

    An average of just over 26 megs. Minimum 8 megs (2), Maximum 50 megs (1)

  5. Speed of Internet Connection (e.g. 2400 bps, 14.4 kbps, 10Base-T, etc.):
    	14.4	28.8	33.6	56K	ISDN	10Base-T	Cable
    	1	3	3	3	1	1		0

  6. Country:
    	Canada	Germany	Japan	UK	USA
    	1	1	1	1	8

  7. Do you currently subscribe to AOL? (yes/no):
    	Yes	No
    	2	10

  8. (If yes to #7) Which platform do you use to access AOL? (IBM-compatible, Macintosh, IBM emulator, Mac emulator):

    Both use mac Emulation, One also uses an IBM clone

  9. (If no to #7) Would you consider joining AOL if an Amiga version of their software became available? (yes/no):
    	Yes	No
    	4	6

  10. Do you use your Amiga, or another system, for most of your time online?:
    	Amiga	IBM/clone	Mac
    	11	1		0

  11. Do you subscribe to an Online Service Provider besides AOL (e.g. CompuServe, Genie, Prodigy, Microsoft Network, Delphi, Bix), that is, something that is not a standard Internet Service Provider? (if so, which?):

    Only 2 use any of the online services; both use CompuServe and Genie.

  12. Do you think there should be an Amiga version of the AOL software? (yes/no/don't care):
    	Yes	No	Don't Care
    	10	0	2

  13. Do you think it would be worth it to AOL to make their service available to Amiga users? (yes/no/don't know):
    	Yes	No	Don't Know
    	5	1	6

  14. Any comments:

    I will supply the comments in a future issue, as with so few responses, I would hate to influence anything. :)


More than one person listed all of the Amiga computers that they own. Although I find it interesting, it is rather difficult to incorporate it into the stats, particularly since I don't know whether you use all of the machines for telecommunications. Please just include your primary online Amiga.

One person stated that they used to subscribe to AOL, and would again if an Amiga version was released.

For the record, the two current AOL subscribers are Amiga Monitor staff members. :)

Since the only avenue for response to this poll was via e-mail, it really does not surprise me that all users are 3.0 or better. Since you basically need 3.x to run the popular browsers, to be online means you run 3.x.

I am amazed how much ram some folks have, and a bit jealous, only having 16 megs myself.

I am a bit surprised that no has a 68000 machine out there. But then, that system would be dog slow for browsing the web.

Connect speed is about what I expected.

Seems The Amiga Monitor has a world-wide readership. We thank all of you readers for your continued support.

40% of Amiga users would join AOL if AOL made an Amiga-ized version? If this stat remains constant, or increases, I don't see how AOL can lose. Especially if Gateway is able to revive some of the Amiga market.

An amazing thing is that even those who have bad things to say about AOL would like to see a version available for the Amiga. At least one person said that recognition on that scale would do wonders for the Amiga market. Since the advertising would include "Amiga" as one of the supported platforms, it would add some 'respectability' to the computer, and would help with advertising of the computer line, present and future. If that is the case, Gateway, you had better open the purse strings now, and give AOL some cash out of the advertising budget. What better way to advertise the Amiga than on those incessant commercials on late night TV, espousing the 3 'big' computers supported.

Will it be worthwhile for AOL to support the Amiga? As indicated, probably not in and of itself; however, if Gateway underwrites a portion of it, then it may be worthwhile for all involved in the long run.

Enough on me waxing philosophical. Thanks to all of you who have responded to this poll so far, and to all of you who will reply in the future.