Amiga: Announcement Pending

What is Gateway 2000 really up to?

By Michael Webb, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, See staff list for e-mail address

It appeared unassumingly on the Amiga Web Directory this past week. In the strangest and most cryptic of terms (an IRC conference), some Amiga officials (Joe Torre, Darreck Lisle) reportedly hinted that something big was forthcoming. They couldn't say much, and nothing was made official, but hypothetically supposing that Amiga lives up to this rumor, what happens might be enough to dispel all the doubt, distrust, and resentment that has been slowly coming to a boil in the Amiga community. The implication was that this was the announcement we have all been waiting for.

Supposedly, the announcement will be made at the World of Amiga 1998 to be held in mid May, mere weeks from the time of this writing. Will this really be such a moment of truth?

If you read my opening editorial for this issue, you're bound to notice a stark contrast. And, admittedly, I wrote that before this news item was posted. However, after reading the transcript of the conference, I find that the somewhat harsh points I made in my editorial still stand, perhaps more strongly than before.

Hope has carried us an awfully long way; it's somewhat bittersweet to realize just how much of that hope has been false. Since Commodore's bankruptcy, and indeed since the A1000 was released, the Amiga community has been strung along by promises of glory and miracles of engineering and marketing that, for the most part, never saw the light of day. I don't intend to imply that most of the world economy is driven by complete truth, but we are in the unique situation of having waited five years for new development and a sense of corporate direction.

My point is this: Amiga, I hope for the sake of this platform that your silence has been part of an effort to avoid vaporware while carrying out real development behind the scenes, and that the lack of direction you have shown so far has been a bluff. Please answer these questions before too long.

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