JMS/ICOA Election

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User Rep Election 98
The Election Procedures


The bylaws of the Industry Council of Open Amiga require that the
Steering Committee have 1 full voting seat to be occupied by a user
representative selected in the manner deemed by the ICOA to be the
most productive way in which to provide a user representative.

Therefore, the Transitional Steering Committee (TSC) of the ICOA
invited proposals from the Amiga community at large on selection
procedures for the selection of a User Representative. The JMS
answered this invitation with a set of proposals and procedures
that were hampered by time restrictions not of its making.

When voting was verified, there were several votes disqualified due to
being of a fraudulent nature, leaving three of the candidates all but
tied. Consultations between the nominees, the JMS, and Team
AMIGA made it clear that corrective action needed to be taken.

Because of the time constraints, lack of proper publicity, and
fraudulent votes, The JMS in conjunction with Team AMIGA asked for
and obtained permission to hold a new vote with ample time for
publicity, nominations, and voting from a much wider audience
than previously attained.


Following are the new procedures outlined to gain a wider voting
audience. We urge each of you to take advantage of this opportunity to
nominate and elect a User Representative of your choice.

The person elected will serve as your spokesperson in the building of
a new Amiga future. Choose wisely, but choose ...



All nominations must be sent to JMS member Andrew Bienhaus
 by midnight before (GMT) 30th May, 1998.
Nominations MUST include the following information:

* The full name, preferred language, phone number and email
address of the nominee.

* The full names, preferred languages, phone numbers and email
addresses of at least five supporters

* A statement that the named people accept the election procedures and
the decisions of the arbitrators as outlined below.

* An election statement of no more than 500 words of plain text
or HTML for the JMS election web site to publish on the nominee's
behalf. A URL with more information would be most beneficial to the

The JMS reserves the right to reject any statement whose contents do
not appear to be legal for it to publish. Separate versions of the
statement in different languages may be provided and will be posted by
the JMS as stated above.

Andrew Bienhaus will write or phone to the nominee and each of his
supporters to confirm that the persons named are in agreement with the
nomination, using their preferred language when possible. If Andrew
does NOT receive an affirmative response from each of the above named
persons no later than midnight before 31 May, 1998, the nomination
will be considered invalid.


Postal nominations must include all of the information as required by
email nominations, plus the following:

* Signature of the candidate with either an email address or a postal
address AND phone number

* Email addresses or postal addresses AND a phone number and signature
for each supporter

Postal nominations should be mailed to:

Andrew Bienhaus
90 Farr Crescent
Ontario N3C 1R6

More addresses may be added at a later time and will posted when

The vote takers, arbiters, and the collector of nominations may not be
nominated and are not allowed to support any nomination. ICOA members
and prospective members may not be nominated and no more than two
supporters of any nominee may be ICOA members or prospective members.

The list of valid nominees for the election, along with pointers to
their election statements, will be made available by the JMS as soon
as possible after 2 June, 1998.


Votes may be cast by regular mail, Fido Netmail, email, or via a web
form and must be received between midnight before (GMT) 2 June, 1998
and midnight before (GMT) 20 June 1998. All voters must give their
name and a valid email address and may not cast more than one vote in
the election process. If more than one vote comes from the same voter,
all votes from that voter, email address and any subsequent addresses
will be disqualified. Vote takers, arbiters, and the collector of
nominations are not allowed to cast votes.


Ballots may be obtained through several Amiga magazines for voting
by normal postal mail. Postal ballots should be mailed to Andrew
Bienhaus at the address listed above.


Persons wishing to vote from Fidonet Amiga will forward a Netmail to
Asha Develder, moderator at 1:202/720.5 and request a prenumbered
ballot. Asha will return by regular Fido netmail, a prenumbered ballot
to the requester. Once the ballot has been completed, this ballot will
be returned to Asha Develder for verification. Voted Netmail Addresses
will be posted to a listing on Fidonet Amiga on a weekly basis by the
moderator. Ballots will be forwarded to Andrew Bienhaus no later than
20 June 1998


An official ballot form will be made available once the list of
candidates has been finalized. All votes by Internet Email must be
made using this form with only one candidate selected. They must be
forwarded to the official vote takers email address which will be
announced at the time the ballot is made available. Once the ballot is
received by the vote taker, the vote taker will write back to the
return address to confirm the vote. If the confirmation message is
rejected due to an invalid email address, the vote will not be


Two voting forms will be made available on this web site during the
voting period. Voters must submit their email address on the first
form in order to get a unique key sent to them by email. The key will
then be used to cast a vote from the second form.


The JMS, Team AMIGA, and the ICOA together will arrange to announce
the results of the election as soon as possible after the close of
voting. This is expected to be on 22 June or shortly thereafter.


Anyone who feels that this election is not being conducted fairly may
make an official complaint by writing to either Andrew Elia
 of the Amiga Society in London or Gary
Peake  of Team AMIGA. They will decide if the
complaint is justified and, if so, what must be done to make
things right. The JMS, Team AMIGA, and the ICOA disclaim all
responsibility for disruption in the election procedures due to
failures in the network or in the equipment used by their service

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