The Midwest Amiga Exposition

By Kyle Webb, Assistant Editor, See staff list for e-mail address

"Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends..."

Hi, folks, and welcome back to SHOWTIME!

Some of you may recognize the opening line as shamelessly lifted from Emerson, Lake and Palmer's Brain Salad Surgery (oh, now I am dating myself). Take a minute, if you would, right now, and check this link:! IT'S WORTH THE TRIP! Just to "get you in the mood"...! But, do come back, because ..."...the show's about to start!"

It seemed a good idea at the inception of this highly time-consuming, research-intensive series to express my feelings in regards to the longevity and staying power of the Classic Amiga (that's what AI is calling your "Miggy", folks...makes me wonder, not unlike the New Coke / Classic Coke hype / fiasco of years past, will the public accept the New Formula? UH OH...those sentiments belong in another article! Sorry....) But I digress...and what I meant to say (so long as I don't get distracted by other issues) is this: it matters not what the publication staff, or the Amiga-loyal public feels about recent developments in the Amiga theoretical-soon-to-be-line...there are five Amigas in this house, six total for the household: three A500's, an A1000, an A1200, plus the Traveling Tower (we sent it to Engineering school; smart computer); I should think that would indicate a willingness and faith. Or, an obsession :) BUT: Shows such as Midwest, or last month's AmiWest 98, have supported users such as ourselves here at The Amiga Monitor. If ANYone is keeping the Amiga fires lit, and providing a continuity for the Faithful, it is those people who work hard to assemble these events, and those who dedicate themselves to producing in multiple and myriad venues for the established line of Classic Amigas. From developers to the hard-working press people...

That, folks, is why I decided to parcel an enormous amount of my time to SHOWTIME!. The developers who *are* the show, and the producers who *make* the show, deserve all the support we can give them. Without them, our machine of choice would have been landfilled long ago. Credit where credit is due.

That was the Editorial portion of this article. We move on, now, to something of a compilation of News. <---(that was a disclaimer :)

This month, I am concentrating my efforts into the Midwest Amiga Exposition, being held Friday, Saturday and Sunday, October 2nd, 3rd, and 4th (1998) at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, 350 North High Sreet, Columbus, Ohio. I first did a brief on the event in the May issue of The Amiga Monitor ( when the show was beginning to surface in the news communities this year. The gentleman with whom I have had the most contact from AmiCON (The Amiga Central Ohio Network) in regards to the growing details of MAE-98, Dave Pearce, tells me this is the third year for the event, with attendance and exhibition figures in the second year *double* that of the first. There are indications that this year will eclipse last: a mini-quote seems appropriate at this time....

" fact, the longer this goes on, the better it seems to get!" - Dave Pearce

The official website, a link to which can be found in the banner at the top of this page, is an evolving organism, delightfully redesigned by Pantheon Systems. Who, you say, is Pantheon Systems? Well, I asked the same question...and the answer to that, and nearly any question you could think of regarding Midwest, can be easily found within the following press release or the highly navigable, highly informative website. (I only pestered Dave Pearce for a "few" tidbits, and to his credit, he did most graciously respond to every one of my inquiries. Thanks, Dave...) Check the floor space (TRIPLE that of last year!!......making MAE-98 the LARGEST US show (in terms of floor space; but it's going quickly, reserve your spot NOW), check the prices (it's GOOD to be a CUCUG member....) and while you're at their website, check in with MapQuest (a neat place to bookmark) and see just exactly how to get to the show, and how long it'll take you to do so. (Eleven and a half hours, five hundred miles, for me...) So, without further delay:

Amiga Central Ohio Network Releases Midwest Amiga Exposition Update

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - The Amiga Central Ohio Network

August 15th, 1998

Subject: AmiCON announces new partnerships, a redesigned web site, and show floor expansion for the 1998 Midwest Amiga Exposition. 

The Amiga Central Ohio Network
Dave Pearce -
Ronn Black -

AmiCON is proud to announce the formation of several key partnerships for the 1998 Midwest Amiga Expo with Pantheon Systems, the User Group Network (UGN), the ICOA, and the Champaign-Urbana Computer Users Group (Amiga Web Directory). In conjunction with Pantheon Systems, the Expo will have World Wide Web access direct from the show floor via specialized Amiga kiosk machines. Four stations will be positioned around the show floor with on-line access to the WWW during the entire duration of the event. The UGN will be providing live IRC and webcam services during the event, and the ICOA has agreed to supervise the seminars and classes offered at this years show. 

Whoa! Break...what's the scoop on the webcam and IRC conferences? News - User Group Network (UGN) to Host Web Cam and IRC Conferences at the Midwest Amiga Exposition

Date:	98-08-14 01:02:06 EDT


User Group Network (UGN) to Host Web Cam and IRC Conferences at the Midwest Amiga Exposition

     News Date : 6 August, 1998
     News Source: User Group Network

     Wayne Hunt, UGN Administrator (
     Bill Borsari, UGN Events Coordinator (
     Dave Pearce, M.A.E. (

The Amiga User Group Network (UGN)[] is
proud to bring you its world famous Web Cam and IRC Conferences live
from the Midwest Amiga Exposition [] on
October 2, 3, and 4.   If you cannot attend, then this is the best way
to keep in touch with the latest news and developments from the show
floor.  Prominent Amiga personalities will be featured throughout all
three days of the exposition.

The UGN Web Cam will transmit images from the show to  You can use any browser that supports
automatic refreshing, or you can use WebTV off Aminet.
There will be two IRC channels used for the show's events on the
Amiganet IRC Network [].  #MAE98 will be used
for official conferences, and #Amiga will be open for general Amiga
discussion.   Amiganet features Amiga-friendly servers free of channel
takeover attempts.

The following servers are part of the Amiganet IRC Network: (USA) (Norway) (Sweeden) (Australia) (USA) (UK)

The User Group Network exists to provide a valuable resource for all
Amiga user groups.   Not part of an Amiga user group?  Let us help you
form your own!  For latest information, see the UGN Web Page
[] and the Midwest Amiga Exposition Web
Page [].

Fabian Jimenez,
UGN Public Relations

Picking up where we left off:
----->On-Line Seminar Registration:<-----

The Amiga Central Ohio Network is pleased to announce the capability to register on-line for seminars at the 1998 Midwest Amiga Exposition.  Please refer to the Seminars Page for complete details.

All seminars will be posted to the web site as soon as they are available for signup.  We've added many exciting classes to the page which allows the user to sign up ahead of schedule.  Please note that some of the classes charge a fee for attendance while others are free.  Simply select the classes you are interested in attending, fill out the form at the bottom of the page and submit it.  Your reservation will be listed at the MAE ticket table during the event.  Simply inform the MAE personnel that you have signed up for a class and pay the required fee, if applicable, when you purchase your entrance ticket.  Reservations will be required for many classes and are based on a first-come first-served basis, so don't delay in signing up!  Capacity for attendees to the seminars depends on the room where the seminar is located, with reservations being taken for the first 40 respondants.

The Champaign-Urbana Computer Users Group will be holding a raffle during the Expo for an Amiga 4000 Video Toaster system. Tickets will be sold during both days of the show floor with the drawing taking place on Sunday. CUCUG members attending our show will receive a discount price of $5.00 for single day admission and $8.00 for a two day pass. Members must present their CUCUG membership ID at the door in order to receive the discount prices. 

Also, in conjunction with Pantheon Systems, the Midwest Amiga Exposition web site has been completely redesigned. The new layout and easier navigation will allow the Amiga community to get the information they need about the event. Potential exhibitors can register on-line to reserve space, and schedule a class or seminar. The complete seminar schedule allowing on-line signup for classes will be posted shortly. 

AmiCON has increased show floor for the 1998 Midwest Amiga Expo to 8,500 square feet, almost triple that of last years event! Rental space will not last forever, so please make your reservations soon! Expansion was necessary in order to better serve the Amiga community with as many Amiga vendors under on roof as possible. 

In following with the tradition of bringing the Amiga community closer together, the Amiga Central Ohio Network is offering a 20% discount to user groups on space rental for exhibiting at the 98 MAE. As in years past, the 98 MAE was formed specifically with the financial considerations of Amiga user groups in mind. This is an excellent opportunity for user groups to make extra income and enjoy the atmosphere of one of the best Amiga events around at an inexpensive rate! Don't miss out on your chance to help the local Amiga organizations grow and expand! 

Along with the most prominent Amiga companies and seminars, the 98 Midwest Amiga Expo also offers special events for attendees such as the Special Interest Group Gatherings (SIGGs). The SIGGs will take place on Saturday night, after the show floor closes, at one of the premier hot spots in Columbus, Jillians, right across the street from the show. The SIGGs will consist of groups like Graphics, Internet and others headed by industry leaders who will meet to discuss the latest topics among good food, drinks, and fantastic atmosphere. Take advantage of this opportunity to discuss the latest trends, rumors, and developments in the Amiga community. Signups for the SIGGs will be available during the day at the Expo. 

----->Surprise Giveaway:<------

In conjuction with a well-known Amiga company, AmiCON is proud to announce a very special item to be given away during the 1998 Midwest Amiga Exposition.  This collectors item is absolutely the only one of its kind in the world and will be highly coveted!  More details will be available at the show and you must be present to win!

The 1998 Midwest Amiga Exposition is being held at the world-class Hyatt Regency hotel at The Greater Columbus Convention Center, on October 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. Tickets for the event are $8.00 for a single day pass and $12.00 for a two day pass. Attendees are encouraged to take advantage of the special rate available from the Hyatt Regency during their stay on Columbus. Simply call the Hyatt at (800)233-1234 or (614)463-1234 or visit their web site. You may also reserve your room on-line at their Online Rates and Reservations site. You must mention that you are attending the 1998 Midwest Amiga Exposition to receive their special discount rate. 

We interrupt this press release for an important announcement: Due to overwhelming response, the Hyatt Regency at the Greater Columbus Conventions Center is sold out for the weekend of the show!  Additional hotels in the area are as follows:

Crown Plaza (614)461-4100 (Across a skywalk to the Hyatt Regency)
Adams Mark (614)228-5050
Hyatt on Capital Square (The "other Hyatt") (614) 228-1234
Weston Hotel (614)228-3800
Courtyard by Marriot (614) 228-3200
Holiday Inn at City Center (614) 221-3281.

Each hotel is within 5 to 15 minutes of the event and most have shuttle access.  Please verify beforehand with the hotel as to its exact location to the Hyatt Regency and the method of transportation available to get to our show.

We return you now to our regularly scheduled release:
Please visit the Midwest Amiga Exposition web site for further information. Contact Dave Pearce - or Ronn Black - for any additional information, special requests or discounted ticket rates for members of user groups and other non-profit Amiga organizations. 

Exhibitors may call (614)751-0232 for information or special requests. 

We look forward to a successful and exciting event! 


David Pearce,

Ronn Black,
MAE Coordinators 

The Amiga Central Ohio Network
P.O. Box 18311
Columbus Ohio 43218

So.......who is Pantheon?

Pantheon Systems ( is an Internet commerce development company, founded in Detroit in 1996. Our core competencies include: 

•Internet Ad Service •Internet Media Buying •Connectivity •Web Development •Security Consulting 

Our client list includes large technology firms, manufacturing companies, retailers, industrial consultants, and software companies. We provide competitive bids for all types of Internet commerce consulting.

We use established standards in our development, and we use, recommend, and implement the following packages:

•Amiga workstations and client software •Apache web server •Ascend routing equipment •Checkpoint security products •Dell server computers •Gateway server computers •Macintosh workstations •Netscape client software •Novell Netware file and print server •Red Hat Linux operating system •Sun Solaris server computers 

To serve you better, Pantheon Systems staff hold certifications in Checkpoint Firewall-1 security products, Novell Netware file and print products, and other areas of study. Our staff has logged thousands of hours implementing Internet commerce strategies and implementations. 

To learn more, please examine our list of services. 

+ Global Access
+ Hosting
+ Web Design
+ Portfolio
+ Connectivity
+ Integration
+ Security
+ Multimedia Development

Shedding light on the User Group Network:

About the Amiga User Group Network (


The UGN serves several functions to the Amiga community. The primary function is the Amiga User Group Database which will provide information about User Groups to the public. With the information in the database we are able to direct information straight to the User Groups, the heart of the Amiga community. We also wish to help User Groups and assist them in what ever way we can. 

(As details are available we shall post a notice in the news section). The second service we will offer is a simple network which will be the backbone of the communication system to the User Groups

(Details below). 
Basic Structure

The communication part of the UGN is totaly transparent to the User Groups (except for the communication point ;-)).

The UGN is based around a pyramid type shape with multiple levels from top to bottom. Each level can be altered to meet the needs of the situation. The Top level is the International Management level, this is where information is either received by Amiga Inc or dispatched to the users. The Middle level is National Management level. This is where counties are administered by way of an administration group per country whose size would be determined by situation. The final level is the User Group Level where the information is gathered from users or announced. This is only a basic example of the structure, there are multiple factors to consider in this plan before each level or communication can be understood fully. We reserve the right to change this at anytime.

Example Communication Models

There is more than one way for the information to be transmitted through the network, however depending on what the need is, methods can be changed.

A Highend method would be that information is transmitted from all levels both downward and upward information. This would require high amounts of bandwidth for all levels, to allow the large amounts of information to flow. This method provides high control but far more time involved in the processing of information and transmission.

An alternative to this is to retain the Highend structure, but make the information from Amiga to User Group and Amiga to National level available on a public site which would eliminate half the traffic. Of course the levels would be required for upward flow.

The highend downward flow could be used when a special purpose is required such as press releases to national newspapers and media. 


•Provides Amiga a quick and efficient link to its users to make a truly user orientated company.
•Surveys can be run and results available fast, representing a large proportion of the Amiga population.
•By making the user more included, they will keep their faith in the company during the wait for updates.
•General feedback can be directed to Amiga Inc, including bug reports on beta software.
•Updates such as new SetPatch's and FileSystem's can be distributed to most of the Amiga community providing a better general base to develope for. 

If you have some questions, please mail us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please note that changes, additions and other important information will be mentioned on the UGN news page.

...and a brief on CUCUG, in their own words:

The Champaign-Urbana Computer Users Group (

The Champaign-Urbana Computer Users Group was formed in 1983 to promote computing and education for users of alternate computer platforms. We currently support the Amiga and Macintosh lines of computers. The group has been very successful and is among one of the most active user groups with members from all over the world. 

Award-Winning World Wide Web Presence

CUCUG maintains two of the most useful destinations for Amiga and Macintosh enthusiasts on the World Wide Web with our Amiga Web Directory and Macintosh Web Directory. The Amiga Web Directory, in particular is the world's most popular Amiga destination on the WWW and has received awards from some of the top print magazines and WWW sites. 

Club Meetings Held Monthly

We hold our meetings generally the third Thursday of each month at 7:00pm at the Bresnan Meeting Center, which is located at 706 Kenwood, 1/2 block south of the corner of Kenwood and John Street, in west Champaign. 

Come Visit Us!

If you use an Amiga, Macintosh or C64/128 computer, we would like to have you join us. We can learn from each other and have fun in the process. 

Joining CUCUG is easy! Just fill-out our online membership application and you'll soon be enjoying all the great benefits that membership has to offer! 

If you have any further questions, please attend the next meeting as our guest, or feel free to contact one of our officers or Executive Committee members:

•President/Corporation Agent: Jim Lewis 217-359-1342, •Vice President: Emil Cobb 217-398-0149, •Treasurer: Mark Landman 217-398-2910, •Secretary/Newsletter: Kevin Hopkins 217-356-5026, •Amiga Webmaster/Event Chairman: Kevin Hisel 217-352-1002, •Amiga SIG Chairman: John Lynn 217-586-3280, •Amiga Librarian: Open Position •Mac Librarian: Open Position •Mac SIG Chairman: Rich Rollins 217-469-2616, •Mac Webmaster/Event Chairman: Jim Huls 217-892-8730 •C64/128 Webmaster: Mathew R. Ignash, 

CUCUG is very grateful to AdvanceNet for their continued assistance, guidance and sponsorship. We encourage our local members to choose AdvanceNet as their Internet Service Provider.

© 1994 - 1997 Champaign-Urbana Computer Users Group / 

The opening lines from the MAE-98 site:

From around the world,  the 1998 Midwest Amiga Exposition offers the Amiga community the best lineup of exhibitors, community support, software and hardware demonstrations, new products, services, and personal interaction.  Last year's event showcased some of the finest products and companies in the Amiga market today.  Nowhere will you find the level of support and service than directly from the people who keep the Amiga alive and well in a world of conformity. 

The Midwest Amiga Exposition runs three days with classes and seminars on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The show floor will be open on Saturday and Sunday only. 

The Hyatt Regency hotel at the Greater Columbus Convention Center is the setting for this years MAE. Superb downtown location is just minutes away from Port Columbus Airport and allows for easy access for both guests and exhibitors. The hotel features many amenities including indoor swimming pool, airport shuttle, currency exchange, safe deposit boxes, covered parking, and room service all at an exceptional value.

And a synopsis of the exhibitors, to date:
--->(See MAE-98 site for the most up-to-date information)<---

Amiga Incorporated: Official parent company for the Amiga. A mecca for Amiga users, including informative features, news, official developer information and other links. Amiga International: Amiga International is the European-based technology licensing company that is the center of Amiga business holdings. The Head Office is located in Langen, Germany, with their Logistics and Service Center in Braunschweig, Germany. Amazing Computing: Long-running Amiga publication with the distinction of being the first monthly Amiga magazine in the world. Amazing Computing editor Don Hicks will be on-hand to report on the event, take subscription orders, and canvas the Amiga community for up and coming writers. Amiga Atlanta: Many famous Amiga users from this Amiga user group, like Robert Hamilton, best known for his famous Amiga wares line of custom designed Amiga clothing. This group is known for its outstanding ability to provide guest speakers and famous Amigans for their members meetings. Amigan-St. Louis: The promotors of the ever-popular Gateway Computer Show held each year in March in St. Louis, Missouri. Bob Scharp will be on hand to sell many sought after Amiga items and take signups for the upcoming Amiga '99 show. The Amiga Informer magazine: A quarterly publication, the Amiga Informer brings you news and in-depth stories, as well as, product reviews and unique articles. Informer staff will be taking subscriptions and reporting on the happenings at the 1998 Midwest Amiga Expo. Amiga Web Directory/ CUCUG Amiga user group: Producers of the Award winning site for latest news, new Amiga links, and general Amiga information, located in Campaign-Urbana, IL. Special discounts are available for CUCUG members. Single day passes are $5.00 and two day passes are $8.00. You must present your CUCUG membership card to receive the discounted rates. Anti Gravity Products: Well-known Amiga vendor of such products as "Neila" and other popular Amiga wares. Located in Santa Monica, CA. A.R.C.U.G. Of Indianapolis: Indianapolis, Indiana-based Amiga user group, serving the Amiga community since the mid 80's and always a great addition to the Midwest Amiga Expo. Asimware Innovations: Developer of AsimCDFS (including updates), MasterISO, and PhotoCD Manager. Don't forget to check out their newly redesigned web site. AEmail (John Zacharias): Developer of AEmail, a popular Internet Email Client for the Amiga. Cecil Amiga Users Group (CAUG): Founded in January of 1996, The Cecil Amiga user group describes itself as possibly the newest Amiga user group in the world. A thriving rural group, CAUG sells t-shirts and publishes a monthly newsletter called C.A.U.G. NEWS. Cleveland Area Amiga Users Group: Founded in February of 1986. Good looking web page with a good links section. Many well-known members in the Amiga community. CAAUG publishes The GuruLite, a monthly update and The Guru, a quarterly publication. Compuquick Media Center: Columbus, OH Amiga dealer. New and used hardware & software, repairs, links about the latest shows, & AmiCON supporter. Compuquick is an official North American Amiga distributor. Digital Arts: Digital Arts based in Bloomington Indiana, is one of the Midwest's largest and oldest dealers of NewTek Personal Video Production products. With customers ranging from government agencies, the military and universities to local video producers, cable companies, television stations, and professional animators. Digital Quill Graphics: All the way from Louisiana, this dealer specializes in promotional printing and graphics design. Whatever you need printed Digital Quill is equipped to transfer your logo to any item large or small. Chris Holt of Digital Quill will be hosting a seminar for the 98 MAE. DVS Direct: 69 Beaver Dr., Suite 110, DuBois, PA 15801, USA Specializing in products for the Video Toaster and featuring the Mega Toaster Flyer system. FWD Computing: Computer enthusiasts like you wouldn't believe. Amigas, SINCLAIR QL (32bit) and the Cambridge Z88 palmtop. You've got to check this out! Also, possibly, the largest CD-ROM dealer for the Amiga. Gateway Amiga Club: Formed in 1986 in St. Louis, this is where the popular Gateway Amiga Show got its start. From humble beginnings to now, a private commercial venture by Amigan-St. Louis, the Gateway Amiga Show has made this group famous! Industry Council Open Amiga (ICOA): Officially endorsed developer organization by Amiga Incorporated for development and open standards on the Amiga platform. The ICOA will be hosting the seminars at the Midwest Amiga Expo. National Amiga: Large Amiga reseller and distributer from Canada. Well known for great prices, service and selection. National Capital Amiga Users Group: Located in our nations capital this very active group, which includes many high profile Amiga users, will be on hand to demonstrate and sell a wide variety of Amiga and Amiga-related items. Nordic Global Inc.: Nordic Global is home to the popular Miami TCP/IP software for the Amiga. According to their web site they specialize in two software areas: "networking" and "filesystems". Holger Kruse, developer of Miami, will be presenting a seminar and selling his top-notch software at the 98 MAE. North Coast Amiga Users group and Dan's Deals: North Coast AMIGA Users Group located in Euclid, OH in conjunction with Dan's Deals, a local Amiga vendor specializing in used Amiga systems and Amiga items. Nova Design, Inc.: Makers of the award-winning graphics applications, ImageFX, Aladdin 4D, and Wild Fire. Nova Sector Engineering: Workstation systems featuring the BeOS. Many options for custom systems. Ozware: Third party Video Toaster dealer with well-known products like Co-Pilot, Aussie's Fast Frames, and Aussie's Multicam Editor. Ozware will be on-hand to support the Toaster-heads with first rate service and products. Pantheon Systems Company: Leaders in Internet Commerce using Amiga and publishers of several Amiga internet applications. Official Internet partner for the 1998 Midwest Amiga Expo Randomize/Amiga Wares: "Boing Balls! We got Boing Balls here!" Everything from tower cases to Amiga wearables including new duds for you and your computer. Randomize is also the producer of the popular International Amiga shows and will be taking early signups. User Group Network (UGN): Organised in 1997 for Amiga user groups worldwide. Officially supported by Amiga Incorporated. News, information, and more on their web site. The UGN will be responsible for IRC and webcam services during the Midwest Amiga Expo. Wonder Computers: One of the most prominent Canadian Amiga dealers in existence, Wonder has a full Amiga product line including many hard to find items.

What's the dinner menu for Saturday night at the Hyatt? If you believe some of the reader response, one might get the impression that I chew up and spit out Amigas for breakfast :) Au conraire, an' all that. Nobody who dedicates the amount of time that I do, particularly in a volunteer fashion, could possibly be anything BUT faithful. I have a lot of company in that respect; personally, I have no real contact with any individuals who are making Big Money off The Machine. But I have a great deal of communications with remarkable people with incredible staying power, without the motivation of monetary gain. In today's society especially, I have an enormous amount of respect for these folks.

"Have you hugged your Amiga today?"

I fell asleep at / on the keyboard last night...does that count? :)

Join me next time for more musings and examinations...until then:

Come inside, the show's about to start!
Guaranteed to blow your head apart!
Rest assured, you'll get your money's worth!
The greatest show in Heaven, Hell or Earth!
You've got to see the show!
It's a dynamo!
You've got to see the show!
It's rock and roll !

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