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Paul Somerfeldt
Danny Green
Jerimy Campbell

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Editor's Notes...

Isn't it just in such typical Amiga fashion...
The Day of Decision came and went without event.
September 20 was the day that the proposed deal between VIScorp and the creditors currently controlling ESCOM's assets was supposed to be finalized. Was it? No. In fact, we're still waiting for results. One might begin to wonder if we will ever get anywhere.

Well, it is autumn, and over here in the United States, the New York Yankees have advanced into the Major League Baseball playoffs. They were a dynasty team for much of the century, winning an amazing number of World Series Championships, but it's been a number of years since they have enjoyed such success.

And where has the Amiga been? Rather displaced...since the beginning of the decade, that is. And, of course, the last 2 years or so have been the worst of them all. Worse yet, we really don't know what to expect at this point.

The Yankees had an interesting series last week, but managed to get through it and advance to the next level. But they sure had us wondering for a little while there! Us New York baseball fans, however, are happy about this; they might just make it.

So can a little of that fall magic rub off on the Amiga? Will it get through this difficult, seemingly impossible stage? Well, the Yankees managed it last week, but then again, no matter what happens, they'll still be there next year.

Of course, it's not too late to believe the platform might survive; after all, it's lived through the most arduous times imaginable.

But in any event, here's the pitch...

Michael Webb




The Midwest Amiga Exposition
By Michael Webb
This gathering of Amiga vendors, groups, and users in mid-late October promises to be an interesting show.

How VIScorp Changed the History of the Amiga
By Sam Ormes
Our Chief Correspondent brings you yet another edition of The Sam Report, this time with a particularly unique perspective. You might be surprised...


By Danny Green
Danny Green's internet series continues this month with a look at the internet's File Transfer Protocol, often known as just plain FTP:. But its capabilities are far from "just plain," as Danny shows here.

The Time Capsule-Part II
By Greg Noggle
Greg's look back through the history of the Amiga continues this month with an investigation of what does, and always has, made the Amiga tick.

The A600 Super Computer
By Jerimy Lee Campbell
Jer Campbell takes a quick look at a remarkable product for the Amiga they said would never be accelerated. Chuck Yeager would be proud...

Amiga Music/MIDI: Some Current Options
By Fred Ericksen
More indispensable information from the resident Master of Amiga Music and MIDI, Fred Ericksen, ranging from currently used software to...believe it or not...something new?! Amiga musicians, take note!

To Program an Amiga...
By Paul Somerfeldt
Paul Somerfeldt starts out what promises to be a fascinating series, with the prologue to a comprehensive look at Amiga programming languages. This one involves reader participation, so if you have any interest in this field, be sure to check this out!


Amiga Organizers
By Anthony Becker
For those looking to get more organized, Tone investigates and compares 2 modern Amiga programs.


Amiga Gaming Retrospective: Part 3 (Crystal Hammer)
By Michael Webb
The Amiga Monitor Amiga Gaming Retrospective continues further, this time with a look back at the great Arkanoid/Breakout clone in a class of its own, Crystal Hammer.


By the Editorial Staff
The staff of The Amiga Monitor tackles your problems and answers your questions, just like we do every night live on Genie.

By you, the readers
The readers speak out about the Amiga industry, Amiga community, and The Amiga Monitor.

Lame Humor Department
By Kyle Webb
A satirical, sarcastic, sardonic, and sometimes downright silly look at affairs in the Amiga community, and life in general...also known as The Amiga Monitor's comic page.


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