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Michael Webb Publisher, Editor-in-Chief
Samuel Ormes Senior Editor, Chief Correspondent
Anthony Becker Executive Editor, HyperText Wizard
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Greg Noggle Telecommunications Editor, Hardware Guru
Fred Ericksen Music and MIDI Editor
Bill Graham Graphics Editor
Charles Jefts Games Editor
Kyle Webb Graphics Designer, Artistic Coordinator
Beth Wise Associate Publicist
Contributing Writers
Paul Somerfeldt
Danny Green
Jerimy Campbell
Sidewinder (Eric Gieseke)

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Editor's Notes...

"And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true..."

(a quote from the famous film, The Wizard of Oz...not the only reference you'll see to that movie in this issue)

Greetings, and welcome to the December 1996 issue of The Amiga Monitor. We had some scheduling difficulties this month, and as a result, this issue is out a little later than we had hoped, and we were not able to include the "Amiga Benchmark Comparison" feature this month. My apologies for any inconvenience that causes.

On the other hand, we have been busily at work improving the magazine itself. Check out the "Mirror Sites" page (referenced above) to see several new additions. Music and MIDI Editor Fred Ericksen's monthly article is now an actual column (department), and there's a contest to come up with a name for it (see his column...and no, we don't have a new A4000 for the winner, Fred :)). Executive Editor Anthony Becker now has an established monthly column known as "The Tone Byte" full of short descriptions of various Amiga happenings and software here and there. And we'd like to welcome a new member to the staff: Bill Graham, a noted Amiga graphics artist, has joined us as Graphics Editor. His first article is very informative, and I look forward to him working with us in the future.

And on the Amiga front...

A number of things have happened in the Amiga community in the last month. Rather than explain them all here, I would refer you to the News and Editorial section below. However, I can say that no, nobody has bought the Amiga yet...and thus the delay continues. One can only hope that the situation will be brought to a successful resolution, and soon. Too bad the Amiga is going to miss yet another holiday season...

On that note, I wish you all Happy Holidays and a prosperous New Year; and with that, we begin Volume 1 Issue 5 of The Amiga Monitor. And maybe...just maybe...something may finally have happened when we "meet" again, same time and same place, a month or so from now.

Only time will tell.

Michael Webb




What on Earth is Going on Here?
By Michael Webb
Depending on how you see it, it's been a whirlwind of a month; it's difficult to keep track of everything that has been happening lately, and easy to become disillusioned (rightly or wrongly) or misled, and if you blink, you might miss a lot. We attempt to clear some of that up here.

The Sam Report: No Joy in Mudville
By Sam Ormes
To those who have been cruising Amiga sections of the internet in the last month, a number of potentially significant events have occurred. Here, in summary.


By Danny Green
So far, we've covered a lot of information about where to go and what to do on the 'net, but it's easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of data out there. This month we take a look at a way to find the files you're looking for.

Government Involvement in Internet/Data Encryption
By Greg Noggle
There are many issues to consider when dealing with the internet these days, including international relations, laws regarding encryption, and your privacy.

Cross Platform Connectivity, or Don't Toss Your Amiga Just Yet
By Bill Graham
PC's have become much more powerful in recent years while the Amiga more or less stagnated, but there are still some things that it can do very well. Our new Graphics Editor takes a look at different animation formats, specifically the world wide web standard Animated GIF, and how your Amiga and PC can work together to produce the best and most efficient results possible.


DiskSalv Version 4
By Michael Webb
We look into the latest version of this timeless disk repair and management program for the Amiga.

The mindEYE
By Anthony Becker
A fascinating device that converts music and sounds into onscreen images, shapes, forms, and animations.


Amiga Gaming Retrospective: Part 5 - Mind Walker
By Michael Webb
The Amiga Gaming Retrospective continues this month with a look back to 1986 when the Amiga was young, enthusiasm was high, and Amiga programmers went on flights of fancy that resulted in such timeless software as this, Commodore's only game for the Amiga.


By the Editorial Staff
The staff of The Amiga Monitor tackles your problems and answers your questions, just like we do every night live on Genie.

By you, the readers
The readers speak out about the Amiga industry, Amiga community, and The Amiga Monitor.

The Tone Byte
By Anthony Becker
Tone takes a quick looks at a number of current Amiga products.

Lame Humor Department
By Kyle Webb
A satirical, sarcastic, sardonic, and sometimes downright silly look at affairs in the Amiga community, and life in general...also known as The Amiga Monitor's comic page.

The Amiga Monitor MIDI Room
By Fred Ericksen
Fred the Amiga Music Man inaugurates his new department with more essential information for Amiga musicians, and some feedback from readers. Plus a contest to name this column, and no, you can't have my Amiga :)


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