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Editor's Notes

Milk of Magnesia

Probably everybody faces digestive irregularity from time to time. Milk of Magnesia is a time-honored solution that usually gets things moving downstairs.

After a prolonged period of constipation, something moved at Amiga recently. The announcement came at the World of Amiga show in London, and it certainly was momentous.

I'm not going to reiterate details, since you probably have seen them already (and if not, can find plenty of references to them within this issue), but although the recent announcement was an extremely good sign, there certainly has been a lack of clarity. I don't know about you, but I'm still confused. It would now appear that most of what Joe Torre told us a few months ago in the now-[in]famous self-interview is null and void. 680x0 and PPC? Nah. Maybe we'll even see new Amigas from Amiga itself, gosh forbid.

Amiga, it's good to see you're back. But eat yer fiber, and you won't need to take the Milk of Magnesia approach with us again. We could all benefit from a little more regularity.

Michael Webb
Publisher and Editor-in-Chief


VOLUME 2, ISSUE 10, MAY 1998


The Sam Report: Where Are We Now?
By Sam Ormes
The Amiga's new direction in the wake of recent announcements.

In Response, and Furthermore..
By Michael Webb
In the wake of recent landmark events, the editor reexamines the situation, responds to feedback to last month's opening editorial, and scrutinizes the direction Amiga Inc. declared at the World of Amiga in London.

The Promised Land
By Kyle Webb
The big news was let loose recently, and there's a new state of mind growing within the Amiga community.

Taking Stock
By Steve Duff
Our platform may have a truly interesting future ahead of it. The operative question is, did we pass some less-alienated counterparts while we weren't looking?

By Kyle Webb
The latest on the Amiga show scene, this month featuring the Midwest Amiga Exposition and an update on AmiWest 98.

Happenings in the World of Amiga
Compiled By Kyle Webb
Miscellaneous press releases from over the past month.

AM Reader Poll: Amiga and America Online?: Month 5
By Paul Somerfeldt, Introduction by Michael Webb
You've seen the editorials. Now it's your turn to offer your opinions on this subject. Should America Online be made available to Amiga users? Would Amiga users benefit, or even want to use AOL? Every vote counts, so if you have an opinion, please take a look at this survey!


A Glance At BeOS
By Steve Duff
BeOS is a platform sharing a certain common thread with the Amiga, the most important part of which we may yet see.

Amigas in Education
By Jerimy Campbell
It's always a breath of fresh air to find Amigas being used in a somewhat unusual environment. As Jer details, there's one school in Newark, Delaware where Amigas take part in day-to-day educational duties. These days, however, their position there is threatened by the lack of Amiga educational software, and the general encroachment of Wintel.


MaVi System 2.1
By Steve Duff
A high-quality, MUI-based player for various file formats (including AVI and QuickTime) for graphics-board-equipped Amigas.


By you, the readers
The readers speak out about the Amiga industry, Amiga community, and The Amiga Monitor. This month, we dedicate the department completely to feedback to last month's opening editorial.

Lame Humor Department
By Kyle Webb
A satirical, sarcastic, sardonic, and sometimes downright silly look at affairs in the Amiga community, and life in general...also known as The Amiga Monitor's comic page.

Tone Byte
By Anthony Becker
Tone takes a quick look at a number of current Amiga products and issues.

Just For Fun
By Michael Webb and Kyle Webb
That zany old department is back! This month's farce is short, but such moments of ahem, er, "inspiration" don't come along every day.

Obituary: Oregon Research
Edited by Michael Webb
After suffering extensive difficulties, Oregon Research finally threw in the towel recently. This message explains their situation, and their final sale.

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