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1985 - 1998

Now there's a new game in town, but I'm not sure I want to play. The stakes are just as high as with any other.

She started ahead of her time. And went before her time.

Michael Webb
Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

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The Sam Report: I'm Not Dancing!
By Sam Ormes
Sam stirs the waters monthly with the always insightful, frequently controversial, Sam Report. This month, he leads us through a dream that's all too real to ignore.
By the Editorial Staff
The staff of The Amiga Monitor tackles your problems and answers your questions.
Tone Byte
By Anthony Becker
Tone takes a quick look at a number of current Amiga products and issues. (Editor's Note: Tone Byte will not be featured this month.)
By you, the readers
The readers speak out about the Amiga industry, Amiga community, and The Amiga Monitor.
Lame Humor Department
By Kyle Webb
A satirical, sarcastic, sardonic, and sometimes downright silly look at affairs in the Amiga community, and life in general...also known as The Amiga Monitor's comic page.




You Ain't Seen Nuthin' Yet!
By Kyle Webb
Could the words of an Amiga demi-god ease the doubts of apparent oblivion? Or is it more of the same?

Club Mig
By Kyle Webb
In the hypothetical "new Amiga era," it is crucial that we, as a community, appeal to outsiders. But through our "compulsory" actions and conventions, we may well be alienating them, along with many of our own.

Spare Parts
By Kyle Webb
Surely anybody who's been using computers for any length of time knows this story: Frankensteining your Amiga (or "rebuilding computers the Win95 way").

What the future holds....
By Paul Somerfeldt
The Amiga's course has been irreversibly changed, and one cannot deny forever that it's time to reexamine our motivations and loyalties in this new and different era.

By Kyle Webb
The latest on the Amiga show scene, this month featuring updates on the Midwest Amiga Exposition and AmiWest 98.

Amazing Sincerity
By Sam Ormes
Sam makes a concise editorial statement with a clip from a recent Usenet posting.

Amiga Yellow Pages
Edited By Kyle Webb
This announcement concerns a new web site intended for the benefit of the Amiga Community.

AM Reader Poll: Amiga and America Online?: Month 6
By Paul Somerfeldt, Introduction by Michael Webb
You've seen the editorials. Now it's your turn to offer your opinions on this subject. Should America Online be made available to Amiga users? Would Amiga users benefit, or even want to use AOL? Every vote counts, so if you have an opinion, please take a look at this survey!

Andreas Kleinert's Next-Generation Amiga FAQ
Edited By Kyle Webb
Andreas Kleinert does a little Q-and-A with opinions on upcoming Amiga developments.

ICQ Alert
Edited By Kyle Webb
A public service announcement from The Amiga Monitor.

Happenings in the World of Amiga
Compiled By Kyle Webb
Miscellaneous press releases from over the past month.


Amiga Related Books FAQ
Edited By Kyle Webb and Michael Webb
This is a massive database of Amiga- and computer-related books compiled by Marc Atkin.

Obituary: Deimos Design
Edited By Kyle Webb
In the ongoing endeavor to light a fire under Amiga Inc.'s transom, we document the biting of the dust of yet another company's Amiga involvements.

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