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New AmigaUni Website
Subj:	 New website coming soon, mailing list open now!
Date:	98-07-01 00:45:07 EDT
From:	peter@amigauni.u-net.com (Peter Price)
Sender:	owner-tamiga@ninemoons.com
Reply-to:	tamiga@ninemoons.com
To:	tamiga@ninemoons.com, teamamiga@thule.no

Hi everyone,

I'd just like to take the oppurtunity to warn you in advance of the
opening of a new Amiga website. The new-look amigaUni opens on 10th July
at 10:00pm GMT, but the old style is already open at
www.amigauniverse.ml.org and www.amigauni.u-net.com, if you'd like to
pay us a visit.

The amigaUni mailing list is already open, mail
majordomo@amigauniverse.ml.org and put "subscribe auml" in the BODY of
your message, and then follow the instructions in the confirmation mail
you recieve. The list is open to allcomers to talk about Amiga's and
anything else you feel neccessary to mention. There are clear rules,
which must be followed. I look forward to seeing you on the list soon!
Peter Price
Geek Gadgets

Subj:	 Geek Gadgets May 98 Snapshot CD-ROM is available! (fwd)
Date:	98-07-01 03:16:51 EDT
From:	gpeake@wt.net (Gary Peake)
Sender:	owner-tamiga@ninemoons.com
Reply-to:	tamiga@ninemoons.com
To:	tamiga@ninemoons.com

From: "Stefan Ossowski" 
To: announce@schatztruhe.de
Subject: Geek Gadgets May 98 Snapshot CD-ROM is available!
Date: 30 Jun 1998 15:58:23 GMT

Geek Gadgets May 98 Snapshot CD-ROM is available! 
Suggested Retail Price DM  19.90       
US$1.00 = DM 1.80 given current exchange rates.
Geek Gadgets May 98 Snapshot CD-ROM ist verfügbar!
Empfohlener Verkaufspreis DM 19,90   

Ordering information:

The most convenient method of placing an order is to use our electronic order
form located at http://www.schatztruhe.de/order.html. You can also send an
E-Mail to stefano@schatztruhe.de including your address and the products you
wish to order. 

Geek Gadgets May 98 Snapshot

Geek Gadgets(TM) contains the Amiga Developers Environment (ADE), a project organized by Cronus to produce and support Amiga ports of dozens of the most popular development tools and utilities from the Free Software Foundation, BSD, and other sources.

This CD contains virtually all the tools you need to get started programming on the Amiga, including advanced C, C++, Fortran, and ADA compilers, assembler, linker, EMACS editor, "make", source code control systems (rcs & cvs), text and file utilities, GNU debugger, text formatters (groff & TeX), and more. Also included are beta test versions of ports in progress, like a port of the X Window System (X11R6.1).

This Update (May 1998) contains approx. 400MB of compressed files including all sources.

Subj:	 Re: Geek Gadgets May 98 Snapshot CD-ROM is available! (fwd)
Date:	98-07-02 00:00:17 EDT
From:	fnf@ninemoons.com (Fred Fish)
Sender:	owner-tamiga@ninemoons.com
Reply-to:	tamiga@ninemoons.com
To:	tamiga@ninemoons.com

> Geek Gadgets May 98 Snapshot CD-ROM is available! 
> Suggested Retail Price DM  19.90       
> US$1.00 = DM 1.80 given current exchange rates.

BTW, before anyone asks, this is an exact duplicate of the current
snapshot that we distribute on CD-R, and yes, Stefan did ask for
permission to reproduce it, which I was happy to grant.


"Ultra Violent Worlds" from Vorlon Software

Subj:	 Funky new shoot-em-up!
Date:	98-07-01 07:06:56 EDT
From:	coolcat@ozdocs.net.au (S Hewitt)
To:	kylewebb@aol.com

          "Ultra Violent Worlds" for Amiga and PC available now!

UVW has the following features:

* Fast action,
* Arcade quality graphics,
* 256 colours,
* 3 layer parallax scrolling (vertical),
* Two players on screen simultaneously,
* Brilliant ambient sound FX,
* Fast, pumping soundtracks,
* Loads of awesome explosions,
* Quick access gaming,
* Funky retro shoot-em-up playability,
* Background animations,
* 25fps on stock A1200 +2MB,
* 60fps on P90+,

The CD also contains bonus audio tracks for your listening pleasure.

The CD is also multi-platform (compatible with 4 operating systems) for
Windows 95, MSDOS, Linux and Amiga AGA, all versions being included on the
one CD.

A playable demo is available from many game related websites. You can also
find it at Aminet, download.com or www.vorlonsoftware.com

Visit our WebSite at www.vorlonsoftware.com

You can buy the game now for only $25 US (includes postage).

If you do not have a Credit Card, you can pay by Cheque or Money Order
preferably in $AUD (Australian Dollars). Confirmation of your order
will be emailed within one business day of it being received.

Send to:

Vorlon Software
133-135 Alexander St.
Crows Nest NSW 2065

Please allow 3 weeks for delivery.

RRP:  $US25  45DM  £14.95  $CDN35.95  $AUD39.95  ITL43,500.00


Stafford Hewitt

Email: amiga@vorlonsoftware.com

         ___________            Vorlon Software
     _    _________    _
    __/    _______    \__       133-135 Alexander St
   ____/    _____    \____      Crows Nest  NSW 2065
   _____/    ___    \_____      Australia
   ______/    _    \______
    ______/       \______       Fax:  +612 9437-5036
       _______________          www.vorlonsoftware.com
H&P News

Subj:	 [H&P News July 98]
Date:	98-07-01 13:45:12 EDT
From:	m.nerding@haage-partner.com (Markus Nerding)

01-July-98: Welcome to the world of PowerPC

This is the first release of our new web page on PowerPC. It contains
information and a list of PPC programs. We welcome any suggestion and
additional information on this subject. 



28-June-98: Tornado3D v1.75 supports PowerPC

In the current issue of German Amiga Plus 7/98 Tornado3D v1.5 got the
rating "Editors Joice". This award reflects the continuing efforts of
Italian Eyelight to bring Amiga the most powerful rendering and animation
software. Tornado3D v1.75 now supports PowerPC. 

Registered customers can get their Update to T3D v1.75 for free at the
website of Eyelight: 


28-June-98: NetConnect v2 short before release!

After a long time the Internet-Complete-Package is done! There will also be
a professional TCP/IP stack very soon. We can now offer you the super fast
Dynalink 56k modems. 

Join NetWorld: 


28-June-98: Opening of our new Video pages

To support the outstanding video products of Italian video specialist
ClassX we have created a new VideoWorld area. Here you will find the latest
news, tips, updates and demos of VideoFX (new), X-DVE and FontMachine.
Registered users of X-DVE 3.0 can request the English addendum as a Guide
file and there is also the new X-DVE XFA operator for use with MovieShop. 

Join VideoWorld: 


Mainzer str. 10 A, 61191 Rosbach, Germany      	 for AmigaOS, PPC, pOS
Fon: +49-6007 -93 00 50  Fax: -75 43		(StormC, ArtEffect etc)
>> http://www.haage-partner.com    INFORMATION: info@haage-partner.com  <<
PerSuaSiVe SoftWorX

Subj:	 New URL (old one still valid, though)
Date:	98-07-01 14:53:49 EDT
From:	Andreas_Kleinert@t-online.de (Andreas R. Kleinert)

 Press information --- Press information --- Press information --- Press inform
 --- For immediate release --- New WWW URL address --- For immediate release --
 Press information --- Press information --- Press information --- Press inform

 01.07.1998   PerSuaSiVe SoftWorX - Shortest Press Release of the Month...

 PerSuaSiVe SoftWorX, just announced the ultimate solution for all people
 who can't remember the very, very long URL address we've been using
 all the time under http://home.t-online.de/home/Andreas_Kleinert/

 Here is it, simply try:     wdo.de/ark
 Long version:               http://wdo.de/ark/

 Please don't forget to visit our sponsor under http://www.wdo.de

 Information on SuperView, SuperView-Library and ImageEngineer registration:

          PerSuaSiVe SoftWorX
          Andreas R. Kleinert
          Sandstrasse 1       Fax:   +49-271-22869
          D-57072 Siegen      eMail: Andreas_Kleinert@t-online.de
          Germany             WWW:   http://home.t-online.de/home/Andreas_Kleinert/

PerSuaSiVe SoftWorX
Subj:	 New Shareware Bundles
Date:	98-07-02 08:42:11 EDT
From:	Andreas_Kleinert@t-online.de (Andreas R. Kleinert)
 Press information --- Press information --- Press information --- Press inform
 --- For immediate release --- Shareware Bundles --- For immediate release ---
 Press information --- Press information --- Press information --- Press inform

 02.07.1998   PerSuaSiVe SoftWorX Announces New General Shareware Bundles
 Information on SuperView, SuperView-Library and ImageEngineer registration:

          PerSuaSiVe SoftWorX
          Andreas R. Kleinert
          Sandstrasse 1       Fax:   +49-271-22869
          D-57072 Siegen      eMail: Andreas_Kleinert@t-online.de
          Germany             WWW:   http://home.t-online.de/home/Andreas_Kleinert/

Shareware Discount Offers   (2.7.98)

  PerSuaSiVe SoftWorX now offers constant discount rates to users
  that like to register more than one program package at once.

  If you like to register one of the programs labeled 1 through 6,
  you are - at the same time only - granted a discount on all products
  labeled A though H.

  This means: you may - but need not - pick some of the other
  programs for registration as well, and save some money on

  ITS NUMBER (if available).

  An exception are the SuperView-Library PPC modules, which
  only can be ordered solely (no. 7) or added to one of the other
  packages (letter H).

  New also is the possibility of explicitely requested email
  shipment, which again will reduce the total registration
  fee by 5 DM (only for total sums over 25 DM).

  Program                 A        B       C       D         E       F
                          akJFIF   akPNG   SView   PNG-Box   DRAFU   TwinIFF
  1. akJFIF  (3)  15 DM   ***      10 DM   25 DM   25 DM     25 DM   20 DM
  2. akPNG   (3)  15 DM   10 DM    ***     25 DM   25 DM     25 DM   20 DM
  3. SView   (2)  30 DM   10 DM    10 DM   ***     25 DM     25 DM   20 DM
  4. PNG-Box (2)  30 DM   10 DM    10 DM   25 DM   ***       25 DM   20 DM
  5. DRAFU   (1)  30 DM   10 DM    10 DM   25 DM   25 DM     ***     20 DM
  6. TWinIFF (*)  25 DM   10 DM    10 DM   25 DM   25 DM     25 DM   ***

  7. SV-PPC  (5)  Solely:               30 DM
                  As addon (letter H):  20 DM

  Your order selection:

     Program No.  [  ]  plus  O A  O B  O C  O D  O E  O F  O G  O H

  Total sum:   ______ DM/U$/UKP

     O I do request shipment to the following email address;
       if the total sum is greater than 25 DM I then can subtract
       the postal shipment costs of 5 DM - resulting
       in the following sum

  Overall sum: ______ DM/U$/UKP

  For datatypes shipment of keyfiles ALWAYS will take place via eMail
  - as long as the total sum (as above) was not greater than 25 DM
  (compare the documentation of the datatypes). If you wish postal
  shipment nevertheless, please mark below and add another 5 DM.
  Postal shipment to overseas in any case also will cost ANOTHER 5 DM,
  so please mark below as well:

     O Postal shipment DATATYPES            (5 DM)
     O Postal shipment OVERSEAS (anything)  (5 DM)   (**)

  FINAL SUM:   ______ DM/U$/UKP

  eMail  __________________________________________________________

  Postal __________________________________________________________






 Table for currency exchange:

   5 DM  =  3 U$   = 2  UKP
  10 DM  =  7 U$   = 4  UKP
  15 DM  = 10 U$   = 6  UKP
  20 DM  = 13 U$   = 7  UKP     This perhaps isn't very exact,
  25 DM  = 15 U$   = 9  UKP     but it's easier than using any
  30 DM  = 20 U$   = 11 UKP     odd values. Soon in "Euro", then...


 Disclaimer: this is just a table to simplify the discount calculation.
 For actual copyright and other legal and trade information please see the
 program documentation and the registration forms themselves.

 Prices are subject to changes when applicable. If the price for
 a certain program does change, ignore it in the table above
 and wait for an updated list.

 (1) for Amiga 68k
 (2) for Amiga 68k, but prepared for SuperView PPC modules
 (3) with PPC support (in registered version)
 (4) SV-PPC modules for use with SView, PNG-Box, ImageEngineer,
     PMPro and (partly) DRAFU - as well as some other programs
 (*) keyfile works with Amiga and PC version

 (**) no, The United Kingdom is not considered to be Overseas

Visit http://wdo.de/ark/


In the evolution of Personal Paint, which has become the leading title
for editing palette-based graphics, version 6.4 represents a milestone
in new features, reliability, diffusion and new code written. In
hindsight, it might have deserved a version number of "7" (just as the
features introduced in the latest version might have justified an "8"
release, instead of the more humble 7.1). The particular release of
Personal Paint 6.4 now on Aminet (biz/cloan directory, PPaint64.lha
archive, easy access from http://www.cloanto.com/amiga/download.html) is
little more than 18 months old, and includes support for anim-brushes
and ARexx, which were not supported by the first 6.4 release (also
bundled with some Amiga computers).

With few exceptions, such as the lack of full documentation and no
support for file formats such as GIF (which is included only with the
commercial package, under license of Unisys Corporation), this is the
full retail version of Personal Paint 6.4, including 20 different user
interface languages. Additional information on the distribution is
contained in the archive, as is a special upgrade offer to the latest
version 7.1. The version of Personal Paint 6.4 now released for free
download is not a demonstration version, but is fully functional, and
may be used without limitations for productive applications.

Personal Paint 7.1 remains the latest version, while we are working on
version 8, which however is not expected to be ready at least until the
second half of 1999. Personal Paint 8 requires a major re-write to
support features such as true color, layers, and advanced animation
functionality. At the same time, it is now very important that the new
code be written in a portable style, because it is still unknown what
the new Amiga OS will look like, other than it will not be the Amiga
that we are used to. Suggestions regarding the features of Personal
Paint 8 are very welcome, and can be addressed to
suggestions@cloanto.com (preferably containing "Personal Paint 8" in the
message title).

For additional information, please refer to the Amiga section of the
Cloanto web site at http://www.cloanto.com/amiga/

Press Release
4th June 1998

It has been brought to my attention recently that the original v2.1
software  would not connect over the serial port on about 10-15% of set
ups. This seems to a comm port or BIOS problem, made worse with our
heavy use of the DTR line. It works on the majority of machines, however
we obviously want it to work on all, hence this update notice.

Therefore we have now tracked down what we believe is the problem and
it seems to have cured the problem that people were having and we have
two new files. They are the PC server "sisys.exe" and "sisys.ini" files.
Replacing the existing versions with these appears to fix the connection
problem, so please advise your readers that they can email me for a
replacement archive.

Sorry it took so long but we could never duplicate this problem on any
of our machines.

If your magazine does not have a copy of V2.1 please let me know and I
will send you one.

All the best.

Stephen Jones
Managing Director
Siamese Systems ltd.

All the best

Stephen Jones                       \|/
>                                   @ @
>|                                   |                            |
>|  Siamese Systems Limited          | 9 Church Lane              |
>|  Developers of the                | Hockliffe, Beds, LU7 9NQ   |
>|  Siamese for the Amiga and Mac    | Tel  +44 1525 211558       |
>|  Project Alpha for the Amiga      | Fax  +44 1525 211558       |
>|  http://www.siamese.co.uk         | email steve@siamese.co.uk  |

Subj:	 [Fwd: [UGN-NEWS] National Amiga Price List]
Date:	98-07-15 02:02:07 EDT
From:	wayne@amiga.org (Wayne Hunt)

Wayne Hunt
webmaster - Amiga.org

"If it's Amiga, it's happening here!"


                       July 13th, 1998 (19980713)

                    US Dollar Prices are approximate.

              Send all replies to gscott@nationalamiga.com

              B I T S   F R O M   G R E G   A N D   J O E
* By the time this gets distributed around, the CyberVisionPPC should
  be shipping. This is the super fast Permedia2 graphics card for the
  CyberStormMkIII and the CyberStormPPC cards.

* Due to a falling out with our ISP of a year and a half, we quickly
  switched ISPs a couple of weeks ago. Of course this happened on 
  Canada Day, a rather large national holiday here, and well, Greg
  spent about 36 hours here getting everything moved over changed and 
  upgraded. Hopefully all the DNS caches around the world now have been 
  refreshed to allow proper access to nationalamiga.com. If not, well 
  the actual IP is If you do a traceroute on it, 
  you'll notice we are now less than 3 hops off of the local UUnet
  connection :) http://www.lweb.net/

* Some staff changes have happened here. Larry (technician) is now 
  a full-time employee Monday to Saturday, excluding Wednesday. 
  This gives him some days to get more repairs and testing done faster.
  Jason (our shipper) has moved on to full-time job elsewhere. This has
  slowed some of the packing and shipping stuff since I (Greg) am now
  doing most of that too, but we have Monique (secretary) who will be
  taking over all of this (hopefull,y soon, really I hope)

* The Spice Girls are now minus one and being touted as new 'Fab Four'.
  I guess we all just wait for the 'better/bigger than Jesus' statement.

* The AmiWest 98 show just ended and no new 'big' announcements were
  made. Holger was showing off Miami Deluxe, but there were no 
  dancing German pop groups or free inflatable boing balls.
  The next show that we know of now in North America will be the AmiCon
  in Columbus Ohio USA this coming October.

* Renovations are now finished in the retail area. If you notice on the
  webcam there is a big wall right in the middle of the floor.. well,
  don't worry, we're going to have multiple web-cameras soon so you can
  see on both sides.

* We cleaned out the basement vault the other day.. unfortunately what
  this meant was a lot of stuff was hauled off to the dump. Just makes
  me think of how many computers out there are being shoved into
  landfills. It's gotten to the point where computers are not upgraded,
  they are disposed of. Computers are built of a lot of metal and
  plastic.. all recyclable materials, but they are all integrated so
  tighly together that it's too costly to pull them appart and turn
  them into usable scrap.

* Aweb 3.2 patch is now available from AmiTrix' site: 

* Here's my (Greg) money making idea.. a portable MP3 player that uses
  ZIP disks. Iomega could use the boost in business, although they do
  have some cool commercials.

* The availability of Amiga 4000's is well, not good at this point in
  time. Due to some dispute between QuikPak and the original Escom
  liquidators say Amiga 4000T motherboards cannot legally be shipped
  from QuikPak. Hopefully this will be resolved soon. Joe Tracey has
  written an excellent article on the situation:

* If you can get around the comedic look at killing, the movie
  "The Big Hit" is a great tounge-in-cheek look at the life of
  career hitmen.

* A new monkey! #341

* http://www.vmlabs.com/  You heard it here first.

* Greg will be gone on a somewhat short vacation from
  July 22nd to July 27th.

* People are still calling/emailing for the Insert104 PC keyboard
  adapter. This has been discontinued due to circustances beyond our
  control. We appologize to anyone this might inconvience, but we
  just couldn't keep putting everyone off.

* Got some news you want to share? Email me gscott@nationalamiga.com


                    F o r   o r d e r i n g :


       A M I G A   6 0 0 / 1 2 0 0   E T H E R N E T   C A R D
You know you can add an ethernet card to your Amiga 600 and 1200?
Yup, that little rarely used PCMCIA slot on the side of your Amiga
can be used with one of our PCMCIA Ethernet cards. Comes with SANA2
driver and installation instructions.. and it's cheap! $129CAD  $89USD

               E X T E R N A L   S C S I   C A S E S      CAD      USD
We've just picked up a new line of SCSI cases. Perfect for all your
external SCSI needs on your Amiga. All have ID selectors and activity
LEDs for each SCSI device, and optional audio jacks for CD-ROM drives.

CF-7021 2x5.25"HH drive bays, 80W PSU, 1 Fan..............$129     $89 *
CF-7041 4x5.25"HH drive bays, 200W PSU, 2 Fans............$179    $121 +
CF-7041 4x5.25"HH drive bays, 200W PSU, 2 Fans WIDE SCSI..$199    $135 +
CF-7081 8x5.25"HH drive bays, 300W RPSU, 2 Fans...........$289    $196 +
CF-7081 8x5.25"HH drive bays, 300W RPSU, 2 Fans WIDE SCSI.$339    $230 +

      C Y B E R V I S I O N   P P C   G R A P H I C S   C A R D
The CyberVisionPPC card is now shipping from phase5. This is the top
of the line Permedia2 card for the CyberStormMkIII and CyberStormPPC
cards. The first version will only fit into a desktop 4000, the next
versions will fit into a 3000 and 4000T. Place your order now to make
sure you get one as soon as they come in!
                                          8 Meg card   $419CAD $285USD

  To place an order: http://www.nationalamiga.com/ordering.html

              C Y B E R S T O R M   M K I I I - 0 6 0 
These high performance 060 cards for the Amiga 3000 or 4000 are the
perfect upgrade for speed.  A fast 68060 rated at 50MHz along with
four 72-pin SIMM sockets allowing 64-bit RAM access that is second
to no other.  Combine this with on-board UltraWIDE SCSI* you have
one fast machine.  We only have a couple left at this time, so
order right away!                                      $999CAD $699USD *

* Amiga 3000 desktop requires motherboard modification for UWSCSI 

           P I C A S S O   4   G R A P H I C S   C A R D 
Top of the line graphics card for your machine.  Comes with built in
scandoubler.  Optional sound card, video capture card and video output
modules available.                                     $499CAD $349USD *

             T O A S T E R   F L Y E R   S Y S T E M S
We build customs Toaster / Flyer systems to best suit your needs.
Contact either Greg or Joe for a quote on something to add on to your
existing setup, or a complete system. Remember, Newtek has just
dropped the prices on the Toaster and Flyer, so now is the perfect
time to make the decision to go non-linear for your suite.

  To place an order: http://www.nationalamiga.com/ordering.html

         M A G A Z I N E S   L E F T   I N   S T O C K    CAD      USD
CU Amiga July 98 with CD..................................$17      $12 *
Amiga Format July 98 with CD..............................$17      $12 *
Amiga Informer Issue 14....................................$4       $2 *
Amazing Computing July 98..................................$6       $4 *
NewTekniques July/August 98................................$8       $5 *

Subscriptions available. If you want to get one of these magazines set
aside for you each month.
Contact us and we'll send them out to you each month!

                             G A M E S                    CAD      USD
Genetic Species AGA/CGX/P96...............................$55      $37 *
Quake AGA/CGX/P96.........................................$65      $44 *
Foundation AGA/CGX/P96....................................$60      $40 *

                          S O F T W A R E
A-WebII 3.2...............................................$55      $38 *
  The  top  of  the  line  in  Amiga  internet  browsing.
  Progressive image decoding, animated gifs, JavaScript 1.1,
  incredible arexx interface.

Amiga Theme CD............................................$15      $11 *
  The  new  Amiga hymn "Theme of Amiga" performed by Annex was
  introduced by  Petro Tyschtschenko at WOA in London. This CD
  is a "must have" for every Amiga fan.

Directory Opus Magellan...................................$90      $63 *
  If you haven't gotten it now, what are you waiting for?
  The all in one file manipulation utility and Workbench replacement.

Personal Paint 7.1........................................$69      $46 *
  The current heir to the throne for DeluxePaint.

  To place an order: http://www.nationalamiga.com/ordering.html

                     C D - R O M   D R I V E S
Single Speed SCSI CD-ROM Drive............................$45      $30 *
Pioneer 32x SCSI Slot-Load CD-ROM Drive (new low price!).$159     $108 *
Pioneer 32x IDE Slot-Load CD-ROM Drive (new low price!)...$99      $68 *
ASIM CDFS 3.9a CD-ROM Driver Software.....................$40      $28 *

                         U S E D   H A R D W A R E
                       3 0   D A Y   W A R R A N T Y      CAD      USD
Amiga 2000 REV4.x with Kickstart 2.04 1 meg CHIP RAM.....$225     $153 *

Amiga 3000...............................................$500     $350 *
  68030-25MHz, 68882-25MHz, SCSI, 4 ZorroIII slots, built in
  flicker fixer to use VGA monitor, Kickstart 2.04, 2/4 meg RAM

Amiga 3000...............................................$400     $280 *
  68030-16MHz, 68881-16MHz, SCSI, 4 ZorroIII slots, built in
  flicker fixer to use VGA monitor, Kickstart 2.04, 2/4 meg RAM

ASDG Dual Serial Card.....................................$75      $52 *
  Amiga built in serial ports suck. Especially for high bps rates
  (IE: anything over 19200) Fix that with a serial card. This
  ASDG Dual serial card has been tested up to 115k, perfect for
  those with 33.6k and 56k modems. No more lost packets, no more
  slow transfers.

ASDG LanRover Ethernet Card..............................$145     $101 *
  Supports 10-base-2 (coax/BNC) only! We haven't had much time to
  play with these yet, so order only if you are familiar with it.

GVP Impact Vision 24.....................................$350     $245 *
  Remember the IV24? Framebuffer, video switcher, keyer,
  de-interlacer, all kinds of stuff. All video IO requires the
  RGB Splitter Box.

GVP Impact Vision 24 RGB Splitter Box....................$110      $77 *
  Breakout box to get video in and out of your IV24.
  RGB/Composite/SVideo IN and Composite/SVideo out.

Commodore 2232 7-port Serial Card.........................$45      $32 *
  7 serial ports (comes with 2 cables) great for controlling
  externald devices in multimedia setups. Lots in stock!

Commodore 2052 Zorro2 2 meg RAM Card......................$50      $34 *

Commodore 2091 SCSI Interface 0k..........................$50      $34 *
SupraWordSync 2000 SCSI...................................$60      $41 *
Trumpcard 2000 SCSI.......................................$60      $41 *
GVP 4008 SCSI Interface with 0k on board..................$85      $60 *

GVP HD8+ SCSI/RAM Interface for Amiga 500  0k............$125      $85 *

External 3.5" Disk Drive (880k)...........................$45      $31 *
  Same price as an internal disk drive.

GVP 286 AT Card For A530 or HD8+..........................$75      $52 *
  80286 CPU on a card for the GVP A500 series II hard-drive

GVP DSS8+ (transparent one)...............................$65      $45 *
  Probably the best parallel port 8-bit sampler built.
  Lots in stock. Will go fast though.

Perfect 8-bit Parallel Port Sound Sampler.................$55      $38 *

IEEE-488 Male to Male Cable...............................$40      $27 *
 Hmm, not sure what to recommend this for these days.
 But we have one.

Quantum 40 Meg 3.5" SCSI..................................$25      $17 *
Quantum 42 Meg 3.5" SCSI..................................$25      $17 *
Quantum 52 Meg 3.5" SCSI..................................$35      $24 *
Ricoh 50 Meg Removable Media Drive SCSI with 1 cartridge..$99      $69 *
SyQuest 105 SCSI External Removable Media Drive...........$95      $69 *
SyQuest 105 SCSI Internal Removable Media Drive...........$95      $69 *
Western Digital 340 Meg 3.5" IDE..........................$69      $48 *
Western Digital 540 Meg 3.5" IDE..........................$99      $69 *
Seagate ST3144A 120 Meg 3.5" IDE..........................$45      $32 *

* = Means in stock or on it's way to us.
+ = Means available next business day.
= = Means available within 6 business days.

           Send all replies to gscott@nationalamiga.com

  US dollars prices are approximate and subject to change based
          on daily exchange rates from Canadian dollars.

                   F o r   o r d e r i n g :

Greg Scott -----------------------------------------------------
National Amiga -       Amiga Products and Services International
111 Waterloo St. #101  Phone: 519-858-8760
London, Ontario        Fax:   519-858-8762
N6B2M4 CANADA          http://www.nationalamiga.com/

   To place an order: http://www.nationalamiga.com/ordering.html

AmigaZone "Lite"

Many people have told me they would join AmigaZone if we would sell
them just an AmigaZone account, rather than AmigaZone plus the CalWeb
UNIX shell, because they get all the UNIX and web storage they need from
their local ISP account.  So they wanted AmigaZone alone, at a lower

We've just "unbundled" AmigaZone from CalWeb and you can now buy an
AmigaZone account without the CalWeb ISP account, for only $12.95 per

Following is my press release with all the details.

I hope you'll decide that the AmigaZone is now a more economical
value for you and that you'll sign up.  Everything you need to
know is below.

Harv Laser
AmigaZone Sysop


                            FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

                AmigaZone price slashed to $12.95 per month!

Sacramento, CA. USA
July 12, 1998

AmigaZone, the online service for Amiga owners and users, announces that
it has dropped its price to only $12.95 per month.

This new low price gets you full 24/7 access to all AmigaZone features

FIVE different ways to access the Zone! Members can use any or all of
them,even simultaneously:

   o Use any terminal program or telnet client and telnet to
     to use our comfortable, hotkey driven, text-style BBS interface to
     access everything.

   o Use any web browser and surf to http://amigazone.com to use our
     members-only Web interface to access everything.

   o Connect with an FTP program or client to "amigazone.com" to snag 
     files from our huge library of over 40,000 files, including tons of
     stuff you won't find on Aminet or anywhere else!

   o Connect your POP email client to "pop.amigazone.com" to read and send
     mail to and from your own amigazone.com address.

   o For our members who own a Gates Crate (Windoze computer ;-) -
     download the free "Wildcat Navigator" program which has multiple
     clients specifically designed to use AmigaZone's message bases, file
     libraries, CD ROM collections, live chat area, email, door games,
     and more. (WCNav is NOT required to use AmigaZone. It's merely an
     option for those of you who must or want to use a PeeCee to log in)

AmigaZone has dozens of message areas including our own local areas, Amiga
Usenet newsgroup feeds, Amiga Fidonet "echo" feeds, and over a dozen
Amiga-specific mailing lists fed into their own message bases, each
holding weeks or months of postings. Use our insanely fast search
functions to find what you'rer after in over 30,000 articles, online at
all times. 

Our file library is absolutely enormous - over 40,000 files online all the
time, and thousands more on our multiple CD changer.

We have live, interactive chats seven nights a week, and the Sunday chat
always features at least two prize contests, open to all members - we've
given away thousands of buck$ worth of Amiga goods - it's an AmigaZone


$12.95 a month gets you ALL of this - there are NO extra cost or optional
areas. Our web inteface has NO annoying, ram-eating, time-wasting banner

You pay for Amiga news, information, entertainment and files and that's
exactly what you get.

And you can log in from anywhere in the world. All you need is an account
with any local Internet Service Provider (ISP), and any terminal program
or telnet client, or any browser. 


                        "AmigaZone Plus" option:

You can also choose to bundle AmigaZone with a full CalWeb Internet
Services UNIX shell account too - this "AmigaZone Plus" package gets you
the same AmigaZone account PLUS the CalWeb UNIX shell, including all the
usual UNIX shell tools (news, mail, etc.) plus 10 meg of free online
storage and web hosting for your own personal web site. AmigaZone Plus is
$19.95 per month.  Again, no hidden costs. 

To sign up for AmigaZone or AmigaZone Plus, just visit
http://www.amigazone.com and click on the very obvious "JOIN NOW!" link or
image near the top. This will transport you to our secure signup page (SSL
required - the page works with all Amiga browsers). 

You'll have your account within one or two working days and then you can
enjoy all the features and benefits of being an AmigaZone member.


AmigaZone, founded in 1985, is run by Harv Laser, well-known Amiga writer,
advocate, and (recently elected as the User Rep. for the ICOA/JMS).


AmigaZone is Copyright 1998, Harv Laser.
ICOA Steering Committee Election Results

Nova Design placed first for a  Commercial Seat with a total of 90
votes. Nova Design will hold there seat for a period of 12 months from
24 July 1998 to 24 July 1999.

Phase 5 has placed second for a Commercial Seat with a total of 60
votes. Phase 5 will hold their seat for a period of 6 months from 24
July 1998 to 24 January 1999

Olaf Barthel has placed first for the only Individual Seat with a
total of 33 votes. Olaf will hold his seat for a period of 9 months
from 24 July 1998 to April 24 1999.

Ultima Thule has placed first for the Open Seat with a total of 15
votes. Ultima Thule will hold their seat for a period of 15 months
from 24 July 1998 to 24 October 1999.

Harv Laser has won the User Rep Seat and will hold this seat for a
period of 12 months from 24 July 1998 to 24 July 1999.

Along with Harv Laser who won the seat for the User Representative and
a representative from Amiga Incorporated, these are the new members of
the ICOA Steering Committee:

Nova Design (Kermit Woodall)

Phase 5 (Wolf Dietrich)

Olaf Barthel

Ultima Thule (Petter Nilsen)

Harv Laser

Amiga Inc. (Yet to be named)

This election is very important to the ICOA and Amiga Developers. The
new members of the ICOA Steering Committe will be forging the future
for our developmental stages leading up to and beyond the AmigaNG. We
wish you every success!

Gary Peake

Press Officer
Industry Council Open Amiga


Glashuetten, 22. Juli 98: We are on the way to move to a new and bigger
location. It will be in Glashuetten, near the headquarter of Amiga Intl. in

From Monday, 27th July 98 on you can contact us at the new location.

Schlossborner Weg 7
61479 Glashuetten

Phone   +49 - 6174 - 96 61 00
Fax     +49 - 6174 - 96 61 01
Web     www.haage-partner.com
e-mail  info@haage-partner.com


Glashütten, den 22. Juli 98: Fast pünktlich zum zehnjährigen Bestehen haben
wir uns vergrößert und neue Büroräume in Glashütten im Taunus, unweit vom
Firmensitz von Amiga Intl. in Langen, bezogen. 

Ab Montag den 27. Juli 98 kann man uns dann in den neuen Räumlichkeiten

Schloßborner Weg 7
61479 Glashütten

Tel.    06174 - 96 61 00
Fax     06174 - 96 61 01
Web     www.haage-partner.com
e-mail  info@haage-partner.com

Support Team
HAAGE & PARTNER Computer GmbH                      A M I G A  DEVELOPMENTS
Mainzer Str. 10 A, 61191 Rosbach, Germany            for AmigaOS, PPC, pOS
Fon: +49-6007 -93 00 50  Fax: -75 43               (StormC, ArtEffect etc)
>> http://www.haage-partner.com    INFORMATION: info@haage-partner.com  <<

The AMIGA Help Channel

*** Forwarded message, originally written by
dcook@gurumeditationerror.dyndns.com on 30-Jul-98 ***
The Amiga Help Channel

At last a place to get some help with your AMiGA, and get some informed
answers (as much as NDA will allow) on the AMiGA.

The AMIGA Help Channel kicks off tomorrow in the #Team*AMiGA IRC channel

Start time:     18:00 (GMT)



Stop by and ask your questions.

Notables who have expressed support:

                Joe Torre - AI
                Fleecy Moss - AI
                Dave Haynie - PIOS
                Dr. Peter Kittle                
                Carl Sassenrath - REBOL

plus many other names from the Team*AMiGA list!

The AMIGA Help Channel is a project of ACLG.

See you there!

                                   _   _
 Dave Cook                 .oooO  / ) ( \  Oooo.       David Cook@1:3639/91.1
 davec@not.bigger.net      (   ) / (   ) \ (   )            Dave_C@911:5700/0
 dcook@gmebbs.cnetbbs.net   \ ( (   ) (   ) ) /    davecook@internettport.net
 CNet Alpha/Betatester      ICOA - Team*AMiGA*              REBOL Alphatester
amigaUni Launch IRC Channel and Mailing List

You may remember me posting about the amigaUni website at
http://www.amigauniverse.ml.org some time ago. Some interesting
devellopments have since taken place which I'd now like to share with
you all, and I ask that your consider participating.

The #amigaUni official IRC channel. 
Opened on 25th July 1998, the #amigaUni IRC channel can be found on
the ArcNet server network. The channel is open on Saturday and Sunday
nights, from 8pm BST for as long as people keep talking. We're here to
talk about almost anything, from the Amiga to Zool, or anything
inbetween. ArcNet servers are as follows :

· ch1.arcnet.vapor.com
· de1.arcnet.vapor.com
· fr1.arcnet.vapor.com
· nl1.arcnet.vapor.com
· nl2.arcnet.vapor.com
· uk2.arcnet.vapor.com
· uk3.arcnet.vapor.com
· us1.arcnet.vapor.com
· us2.arcnet.vapor.com

Look out for me (Agima), my brother (Cheez), and the people who aided
in organising the channel, Gus "DrJekyl" Haines, and Bev "Manatee"
Hillier. We look forward to seeing you there soon!

The official amigaUni mailing list
Need to talk? Got something to say, but nowhere to say it? Do you want
to talk to other Amiga owners? You need to join the aUML. Aided by my
mailing list colleagues Simon "SimD" Dick and Mark "Tecno" Wilson, the
list is a public list for anyone subscribed to it to make postings and
recieve answers. In the last half-month, I counted 100 posts, and the
traffic can only increase. To become a part of the aUML, and join
people such as myself, Gary Peake, Alan Crandall, and CU Amiga PD.Net
reviewer Dave Stroud, just follow these oh so simple, but oh so
rewarding instructions :

1. Send an e-mail with a blank subject line to 
   majordomo@amigauniverse.ml.org, with "subscribe auml" in the body. 
   If you are subscribing an address different to the one you're
   currently using, add that address on the end.

2. Send this mail. You will recieve a confirmation mail asking if you
   are sure you want to join. Follow the instructions in this mail and
   you will be added to the aUML.

3. Have fun! Upon joining, you will recieve a post welcoming you, 
   telling you how to UNsubscribe, and detailing the rules. We look 
   forward to your company and postings.  

I hope you will be willing to participate in both ventures, and help
aU become a success.

I'd also like to thank Gary Peake for allowing me to make this post.

Peter Price (peter@amigauni.u-net.com)
| aU   : www.amigauniverse.ml.org |  aUIRC : #amigaUni on ArcNet  |
|        www.amigauni.u-net.com   |  8pm 'till late BST Weekends  |
| aUML : majordomo@amigauniverse.ml.org, "subscribe auml" in body |
Member of AmiBench : http://thunderstorms.org/AmiBench/
Member of Team *AMIGA*

The name is Baud......, James Baud.

Official Amiga Help and News IRC Channel 

PRESS RELEASE for immediately publication

On friday 98.07.31 the Official Amiga Help and News IRC Channel will be
launched in channel #Team*AMiGA on beyondirc.net  (Serverlist below)

The Amiga Community Liason Group (ACLG made up of representatives of
the JMS/TA/ICOA/UGN/Ainc) is proud to present the (Ainc) Official
Amiga Help Channel.

The Amiga Help Team is formed to provide software/hardware and
developer support of ANY nature for Amigans worldwide.

The channel will also be used for online conferencing with topics ranging
from OASYS to the open Amiga system. These conferences will be
announced seperately.

I'm proud to announce that people like: fleecy moss, Dave Haynie, Joe Torre,
Dr.Peter Kittel, Ben Hutchings, Gary Peake, Sam Stickland, Don Cox,
Stephane Desrosiers, Carl Sassenrath, Mario Saittim,Flemming Steffensen
amongst others has offered the channel support.

And I'm sure many more of the prominent Amiga personalities will join
the Helpers Crew.

If any of you feel capable of helping in some manner, please offer your
assistance to Steinar Pedersen (team organiser), email: steipede@online.no
or Mario Saitti ([X_MaN]) (team organiser advisor)email:

This is phase 1 of the Amiga Help Team project.
Phase 2, which  is to follow very soon, will offer Web based/BBS support.
And phase 3 which is in negotiation now will cover non online support.

Beyondirc.net servers:


        port 6667

And the channel: #Team*AMiGA

Steinar Pedersen  (IRC Nick Rocambole)

Rocambole was here using THOR 2.5a  #1213 & Miami 3.0b. reg

Rocambole was here using THOR 2.5a  #1213 & Miami 3.0a. reg
Turn your 486 into a Gameboy: Type WIN at C:\>

Open letter to Amiga Users from Paxtron
Date: 17 Jul 1998 18:43:08 GMT

Although it is unusual, we feel compelled at this juncture to write an
open letter to the Amiga community concerning the present state of
affairs.  There is a lot of confusion floating around the Internet and
e-mail regarding the status of the last few Amiga dealers and their
ability to procure certain products.  In order to alleviate the
confusion we have elected to briefly cover the problem areas and discuss
Paxtron's present status with relation to Phase 5, Apollo (ACT), Paxtron
repairs and part shortages.

There are a lot of misunderstandings out there concerning the Motorola
68060/50 CPU chips used on accelerator boards.  For two months neither
Phase 5 nor Apollo (ACT) had the 68060/50 in stock.  Paxtron in
anticipation of this purchased quantity of the CPU's and then had
trouble getting the manufacturer to make additional boards because
Paxtron was the only one with 68060/50 chips.  Regardless of the rumors
that were heard on the Internet, all 68060/50 CPU's are new and have not
fallen off a truck, or gray market, or not stolen.  A few end users
called Motorola on their own and were told that they had never been
backordered and this is not necessarily true.  The reason why the CPU's
were impossible to get is that companies buying from Motorola direct
were required to purchase either 500 to 1000 pieces at a time and for a
period they weren't making any.  The next level of purchase was the
distributor and that is how Phase 5 and Apollo ran into difficulty as
these people were out of stock.  Another reason why you buy through a
distributor is the price must be kept down to keep the accelerator board
within reason.  If one goes directly to Motorola to buy 10, 20, or 30
units the price of the 68060/50 would be over $400.00.  The distributor
channel for the CPU's has recently opened again and the units have been
made available to Phase 5 and Apollo.  As we said earlier don't listen
to rumors ask us.

There are only two authorized legal direct distributors in the U.S. for
Phase 5.  If a Phase 5 product is defective or if it is purchased from
another company other than Paxtron or Software Hut it can be a big
problem later. Only the authorized distributor can either repair or
exchange the broken accelerator board in question or has the authority
to return the unit to the manufacturer. We have received a number of
broken Phase 5 and accelerator boards from end users who have purchased
these boards from companies who have gone out of business or are
non-authorized distributors and this has created a big problem. We
suggest that the Amiga users give serious consideration to not jumping
at the idea of saving $15 - $20 by buying a board from a non-authorized
distributor and having serious service difficulty later.  Another
consideration in buying direct is the delay time in getting something
repaired if the purchase is not from a direct distributor.  Remember,
Phase 5 will only accept repairs from authorized distributors.

We are frustrated with not having a continual flow of accelerator
product from Phase 5 and Apollo.  Paxtron does not purchase an
accelerator when an order comes in.  We try to keep an abundant supply
in inventory and this has been very frustrating to say the least.  One
shipment alone worth $14,000 was lost by UPS and this was very upsetting
to some Amiga end user's that paid for these items and were told UPS
lost them.  To complicate things more, the replacement of the product
from the manufacturer took up to four weeks.  Paxtron tries it's hardest
to keep the highest level of customer satisfaction but dealing with
certain companies at this junction is not easy and we ask that the
public understand this.  Paxtron is at the front line, "we are your
soldiers" and we are doing our best in a very difficult time in the life
of Amiga.

We have heard people complain that our phone lines are either always
busy or we are curt on the phone.  While it is true that our lines have
become more active, we do not mean to be short on the phone. One out of
every nine phone calls that we receive is for something that we sell at
Paxtron. The balance of these calls appear to be people wanting to know
the latest news on Amiga Technologies and new products that Gateway is
coming out with, etc.  At the present time Paxtron has six 800 toll free
lines for a total amount of nine phone lines and our phone bill has
increased significantly due to all these superfluous calls. Nearly all
the lines get filled at one time. In addition, we have run into a new
phenomenon with the disappearance of most dealers and Amiga end users
becoming more frustrated and angry.  Finding the availability of parts
and delayed Amiga service has infuriated end users and a lot of people
have run out of patience and take it out on us as we are one of the few
companies left. Besides what we explained above we are faced with
another serious problem.  Amiga users are constantly calling us on the
toll free lines to ask us to repair boards or answer questions about
some other items for their Amiga that were not purchased from us and
were bought from companies that have gone out of business. It takes a
lot of time and patience to be a central information system and
certainly in an area that we can not make money on or even lose with
people calling on the toll free lines.   We try to be as helpful as we
can but we can not be held responsible for people who have bought boards
from GVP, DKB, ICD, etc.

As an authorized service center for Amiga Technologies we again strive
to turnaround repairs within 48 hours.  Since most of the service
centers have disappeared we are pretty much the only one; we are
overwhelmed with the response.  We have increased our service department
and now have two (SMT) surface mount repair work stations.  We are also
inundated with people sending in product for repair without calling for
a (RMA) Return Material Authorization.  To complicate things more,
people are sending in product not purchased from Amiga and we can not
fix them.  Without having the schematics of product from a company that
has gone out of business for example GVP we have no way to do the

We call upon each and every one of you to support Paxtron during these
vulnerable times.  Without companies like us doing advertising and
keeping the Amiga community alive we doubt very much that Amazing
Computing magazine will continue publishing.  We hear a lot of rumors
and we get a lot of phone calls and e-mails from "crazies" that the
frustration has sent some people off the deep end.  It is best that if
you need help with a  non Amiga product maybe we can direct you
somewhere but we ask that you e-mail or fax us. Paxtron can not become
the central communications center for Amiga Technologies or Gateway.

We call upon everybody to understand where Paxtron is coming from and to
bear with it until things improve.  By badmouthing the manufacturers or
ourselves will cause harm to everybody in return.  By supporting the
balance of the dealers, Amazing Computing magazine will stay in business
and make sure the Amiga users have a place to go.


Paul Landau
Vice President of Operations

[Send 'help' in message body to majordomo@ninemoons.com for assistance & info]

Vulcan Software / Genetic Species

Subj:	 Vulcan Statement and Thanks
Date:	98-08-07 20:05:24 EDT
From:	Paul@vul-soft.demon.co.uk (Paul Carrington)

Vulcan Software would like to thank the Amiga press around the world for receiving
Genetic Species so warmly and recognising a truly outstanding Amiga title when it
raises its head!

So far Genetic Species has received over 21 review scores above 90% and is a
true reflection on the talents of the Marble Eyes team and all involved in the
development of this 3D extravaganza.

We would also like to thank the Amiga users around the world who have supported
us by purchasing Genetic Species but would like to add, `...there is not many of you
left is there?`....

As always.....Live long & Prosper!
Paul Carrington BA(Hons)
Vulcan Software Limited

Commercial:  www.vulcan.co.uk
Promotional: www.vul-soft.demon.co.uk
Marble-Eyes Development: Genetic Species Cheatcodes

Subj:	 Genetic Species Cheatcodes
Date:	98-08-08 07:29:16 EDT
From:	cac@post4.tele.dk (Per Bloksgaard)
To:	dflaherty@nutts.demon.co.uk, gerry@menzies.thenet.co.uk, Cool@Dcandy.demon.co.uk, paulh@shoresolutions.demon.co.uk, KyleWebb@aol.com, phillipspd@yahoo.com, wayne@amiga.org, webmaster@gameznet.com, amigaupdate@globaldialog.com, hacker@janus.hr


 We decided to release all cheatcodes for Genetic Species.
 This list shows all areas where a cheatcode can be used.
 Feel free to publish this.

FrameCount    - Enable FrameCounter.
DangerZone    - Maximum Weapon Ammo.
FoxMulder     - Maximum Weapon KillPower.
Caffeine      - Immortality
FullCircle    - Remove Player Shot Collision.
Goldbeer      - Disable Artificial Intelligence.
Sober         - Enable Artificial Intelligence.
SatanClaus    - Remove All Weapon NoiseFactors
Scorpions     - Disable Puzzle Board.
AlienRace     - Make The Player Invisible To All Enemies.
Chainsaw      - Change The Death Sequence A Bit.
JumpingJack   - Enable Jumping Bunny Function.
HellRaiser    - Reset Weapon Reload Time.
MindFields    - Unlock All Doors.
Sissies       - Able To Carry Everything.
Fuck You      - Surprise!
RushHour      - Exstream Enemy Movement Velocity.
Astronomical  - Enemies Will Never Retreat.
Elite         - Exstream Enemy Shot Rate.
Muppet Show   - Set Shade Factor To $D000
Retribution   - LevelCode For Stage0
Dysfunctional - LevelCode For Stage1
Antimatter    - LevelCode For Stage2
EyeOfTheStorm - LevelCode For Stage3
Ambrosia      - LevelCode For Rocket Launcher
Cncd          - LevelCode For Plasma Gun
Iris          - LevelCode For Flechette
Polka B.      - LevelCode For Assault Rifle
Parallax      - LevelCode For Mini Gun
SpaceBalls    - LevelCode For Flame Thrower
3LE           - LevelCode For Tazer
Stellar       - LevelCode For Ind. Drill
Puzzle        - LevelCode For Stun G. Launcher
Kefrens       - LevelCode For Pistol
Impact        - LevelCode For Sil. Pistol
Silents       - LevelCode For Fire Axe
Scoopex       - LevelCode For Aut. Pistol
Deathrow      - LevelCode For Hugger Acid
Loonies       - LevelCode For Laser Mine
Impulse       - LevelCode For Mantis Beam
Depth         - LevelCode For Laser Rifle
Floppy        - LevelCode For Hand Grenade
Gods          - LevelCode For Poopie
Artwork       - LevelCode For Data Disc
Rage          - LevelCode For Violet Keycard
C-Lous        - LevelCode For Red Keycard
Subacid       - LevelCode For Green Keycard
Balance       - LevelCode For Blue Keycard
Efreet        - LevelCode For Bio Toxin
TBL           - LevelCode For Save Game
VirtualDreams - LevelCode For Orange Keycard

 Some of these codes make funny effects, others will make
 the game easier, however most of them completely spoils
 the gameplay. We suggests the use of "Caffeine" (Immortality)
 , "Dangerzone" (Weapon Ammo) and "Sissies" (Carry Everything)
 for an enjoyable experience.

 Our website  www.marble-eyes.dk  will as usual keep you up to
 date with future events.
Per Bloksgaard. - Marble-Eyes Development - www.marble-eyes.dk


Asimware Innovations Inc.'s New Web Look

Contact:  Tammy Lynn Rodley

          Asimware Innovations Inc.
          600 Upper Wellington Street, Unit D
          Hamilton, Ontario
          Canada L9A 3P9

          Phone:  (905) 575-1042
          Fax:    (905) 575-0095
          WWW:    http://www.asimware.com

Asimware Innovations Inc.'s New Web Look

August 7th, 1998 (Hamilton, ON) - Asimware is proud to announce our newly
redesigned WWW site.  In addition to the new look, the site now contains a
plethora of easily accessible information.  We have added the following
new features: 

     New About Us: 
       - latest corporate information
       - additional contact information
       - employment opportunities
     Improved News:
       - now offers events 
       - product reviews 
       - mailing lists

     Increased product support such as:
       - new dowloads
       - online registration
       - product mailing lists
       - a comprehensive knowledge base

     New sales section which offers:
       - online ordering
       - dealer/distributor mailing list

Come and visit us at http://www.asimware.com and take a look.  

Asimware Innovations Inc. is a Canadian software development house
providing innovative software solutions since 1992.  We are specialists in
CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, and DVD technologies.


Asimware Innovations Inc. Releases MasterISO v2.1 

Contact:  Tammy Lynn Rodley

          Asimware Innovations Inc.
          600 Upper Wellington Street, Unit D
          Hamilton, Ontario  L9A 3P9

          Phone:  (905) 575-1042
	  Fax:    (905) 575-0095
          WWW:    http://www.asimware.com

Asimware Innovations Inc. Releases MasterISO v2.1 

August 8th, 1998 (Hamilton, ON) - Asimware is proud to announce today's
release of MasterISO v2.1.  This is a maintenance update for the 
MasterISO v2 package.

In this release, we have added support for the following drives:
     - Hi-Val series of CD-R/RW drives
     - HP 7110 CD-RW drive
     - HP 7200 CD-RW drive
     - JVC XR-W2010 CD-R drive
     - JVC XR-W2012 CD-R drive 
     - JVC XR-W2020 CD-R drive
     - JVC XR-W2022 CD-R drive
     - JVC XR-W2040 CD-RW drive
     - JVC XR-W2042 CD-RW drive
     - Memorex CRW-620 CD-RW drive
     - Memorex CRW-1622 CD-RW drive
     - Mitsumi CR-2401TS CD-R drive
     - Mitsumi CR-2801TE CD-R drive
     - Panasonic CW-7502 CD-R drive
     - Pinnacle RCD-4X4 CD-R drive 
     - Pinnacle RCD-4X12 CD-R drive
     - Pinnacle RCDW-226 CD-RW drive
     - Smart & Friendly series of CD-R/RW drives
     - Sony CDU-948 CD-R drive
     - Traxdata series of CD-R/RW drives 
Registered users may contact us directly or may obtain this release via
our WWW site.  Your MasterISO serial number is required.

We believe that MasterISO represents the future of CD-R/RW mastering
software for the Amiga platform.  But don't take our word for it -
download our demonstration version, from either Aminet or our WWW site,
and give it a try yourself.

Asimware Innovations Inc. is a Canadian software development house
providing innovative software solutions since 1992.  We are specialists in
CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, and DVD technologies.
Subj:	 New Game Out
Date:	98-08-07 01:10:09 EDT
From:	gpeake@wt.net (Gary Peake)
Sender:	owner-tamiga@ninemoons.com
Reply-to:	tamiga@ninemoons.com
To:	tamiga@ninemoons.com

Internet-Fantasy-Game from ETERNITY

Press Release!
Ladies and Gentleman,
We proudly present our new project. ETERNITY will introduce a new
game for Amiga and PC at the  Amiga fair in Cologne. You will find us
in the ACT/ETERNITY boot. This new kind of strategic-game has both an
innovative concept and design. It`s named "Tales of  Tamar".
Basically it`s an Internet-Fantasy-Game using Email to place your
moves for the playing  rounds. It`s a game like "Kaiser",
"Fantasy-Battle", or "Hanse" and combines this kind of game with the
Internet. The technology of the game makes it possible to play with a
nearly infinite number of players  within the world named "Tamar"
controlled by the ETERNITY-Server. You may fight against the
computer as well as against other players. The game is fully
compatible to the PC-Version. Like other Fantasy-Worlds "Tamar" knows
other races like orks and elves. The player takes controll  over his
own realm and has to make it big, strong and wealthy. It`s possible
to make a progression on  to emperor. Other races will be played by
the computer. Further information about our game you will find on our
new homepage: http://eternity.amiga-software.com/ Please do not
hesitate to contact us for further Interviews and questions. We are
always looking for  good Graphic-designers and Musicians as
freelancers. If you are interested you may contact us via IRC-Server
irc-germany.net channel #amiga from 9 p.m.  Please look for the
Nicks:Arka, Ice, Xin, CeaBear, Banana, Zenti or Wolfen. Kind regards
Martin Wolf The highlights of our game are:
    - handpainted Graphics
    - raytraced animation sequences
    - `locale` support
    - scalable Hardware-Support
    - built-in Online Games
    - built-in Online Chatroom
    - built-in FTP-Update
    - built-in Player to Player Mail
    - very complex battle-technology
    - trading between players
    - tournaments between players
    - battles between players
    - feudal-System
    - magic and contest between magicians
    - `a never ending story` gameplay
The minimal requirements for your System are:
    - 68020 with 4 MB RAM (68040 with 32 MB RAM recommended)
    - harddisk
    - AGA ( gfxcard recommended )
    - paula 8 BIT (soundcard recommended)
    - support of the first wavetable for amiga (see ACT/Marc Albrecht
    with prelude)
    - support ppc-card (Warp-OS)
    - CD-ROM recommended
Press Release   -   21:00 Hrs. Monday 10th August 1998

JForth released as Freeware   -   May the Forth be with you...Always !!!

Upgraded to OS3.1

With great thanks to the primary authors, Mike Haas and Phil Burk who 
have magnanimously decided to release this product (formerly priced 
at $179) as freeware, the Amiga now has another  ‘arrow in it's quiver’.

***** NOTE - Print out the excellent manual. Not only does it give you
invaluable information on the many tools provided, but there is also 
an excellent 3-stage tutorial

*****Join the JForth mailing list !!! to subscribe send e-mail to
MDaemon@ChaosSolutions.com  with  ‘subscribe JForth-list’  as the only
line in the body *****

What is it ?

JForth is a programming language that allows you to interact with your
Amiga.  When you are programming in JForth, you are "inside" the 
language. You can access any data structure, test any routine, or use 
any development tool, right from the keyboard. 
This direct communication with the computer can improve your
productivity, giving you additional time to improve the quality of 
your software products.    
JForth is based on the 1983 standard Forth language.  Forth was first
conceived by Charles Moore when he wanted a new language for 
controlling telescopes.  
He developed a language based on a dictionary of words.  This 
dictionary can be extended by writing new words based on the old ones. 
Since Mr. Moore's original version, Forth has been translated to 
almost every type of computer from the biggest mainframes to
the smallest microcomputers.
Since a minimal Forth system can be implemented in just a few kilobytes
of memory, it is often used in very small embedded computer systems 
for process control and robotics.  Forth, however, is equally 
appropriate for larger, more advanced, computers like the Amiga.  
Forth is a very flexible language and can be adapted to larger
computers without losing the flavor of the original language. 
JForth is an implementation of Forth designed specifically for the
Commodore Amiga. 
JForth uses a 32-bit stack and compiles directly to 68000 machine code. 
This makes JForth faster than most Forths.  JForth also provides an 
extensive set of tools for accessing the special features of the Amiga. 
You can call any Amiga Library routine by name and reference any Amiga 
structure using constructs similar to 'C'.  JForth also has some 
special toolboxes that support simple graphics, Intuition menus, 
IFF files, and other Amiga features.  These toolboxes can be used 
directly to simplify your Amiga programming.  Source code for all 
these toolboxes is provided so you can customize them if needed or 
study them as examples of Amiga programming.  JForth also provides 
over a dozen small sample programs for those, like me, who learn best
by example.  
JForth also allows you to do things that are unique in the Forth
experience, the most dramatic being CLONE.  This exceptional utility 
allows you to create a totally independent, standalone version of 
your program of minimal size.

Amiga Library Calls   -   JForth provides a system for easily calling
any Amiga Library routine by name.  It will figure out what 68000 
registers the parameters go into and build the appropriate code.  
Thus you can simply pass parameters on the stack in the order 
described in the Amiga documentation.  A number of toolboxes have 
been written for supporting specific parts of the Amiga Library 
including EZMENUS, Graphics, the Serial Device, ANSI codes, and much 

Amiga Structure Support   -   JForth provides the equivalent to all of
the ".h" include files from 'C'. These ".j" files define all of the 
necessary structures and constants for passing information to the 
Amiga Library routines. 
Structures can be dumped interactively with all members shown by name 
and value for debugging by using DST.  Upgraded to OS3.1 !

ARexx Support   -   ARexx is a language that helps various applications
communicate with each other.  A spread sheet program, for example, 
could communicate with a data base program.  These tools help you 
write ARexx compatible programs. 

Assembler   -   JForth support two 68000 assemblers, one with Reverse
Polish Notation (RPN) and one with Motorola like syntax.  The RPN 
assembler can be used to create macros but the Motorola assembler is 
easier to read.  There is also a Disassembler.   

Block Support and SCRED   -   For those who prefer the old fashioned
BLOCK or SCREEN environment, we provide LIST, LOAD and the standard 
line editor. 
We also provide a WYSIWYG SCREEN editor called SCRED.  (We recommend 
the use of normal text files with JForth).  

Clone   -   Clone can be used to generate small, executable images of
your JForth programs.  Clone will take a compiled JForth program, 
extract out all of the code and data needed to run it, and 
re-assemble a smaller version of it.  All of the JForth development 
tools, the name fields and link fields and any other unused words 
are left behind.  The final image size is comparable to images 
created using a 'C' compiler and linker. Images can be saved with 
a symbol table for use with WACK or other debuggers (if needed).  
The JForth Source Level Debugger can also be used with Cloned 
programs.  Most programs will Clone without modification if they
follow a few simple rules regarding run time initialization of 
variables or arrays containing Forth addresses.  

Debugger   -   JForth provides a source level debugger that allows you
to single step through your code.  At every step you can see what is 
on the stack.  You can also examine the return stack, dump memory, 
set breakpoints, control execution, or even enter Forth commands.  

Floating Point   -   JForth support both the single precision Fast
Floating Point and the IEEE double precision.  These words conform to 
the Forth Vendors Group Standard.  

IFF Support   -   JForth provides general purpose tools for reading and
writing IFF files. It also provides a toolbox specifically for ILBM 
graphics files. This allows you to use pictures, brushes, anims and 
animbrushes from a paint program, or other source, in your programs. 
JForth also provides tools for animation and presentation such as, 
blit, wipe, fade in, fade out, etc.  Powerful graphics and animation 
programs can be created using these tools.  

Local Variables   -   Local variables can simplify the definition of
complex words by eliminating much of the stack manipulation.  Local 
variables are fast self fetching variables that allow reentrant 
recursive code to be written.  Using regular VARIABLEs can make a 
word non reentrant.  

Modules   -   JForth's precompiled modules provide a method for rapidly
accessing code that is used during compilation.  This includes the 
Assemblers and Disassembler, and the Amiga include files.  These 
modules are dynamically linked into the dictionary when needed.  
This way, they do not take up space in your normal dictionary, yet 
are instantly available.  

Multi-Standard   -   This system allows you to switch easily between
JForth and the major standards - FIG , '79 , and '83.  This is handy 
for compiling code written using other Forths.  An ANSI compatable 
module is being worked on.

ODE   -   ODE is an Object Oriented Development Environment similar in
concept to SmallTalk.  It allows you to define classes of intelligent 
data structures, then create as many copies of these data structures 
as needed.  This technique can simplify programming immensely by 
making it easier to write reusable code.  

Profiler   -   This optimization tool monitors the operation of a
program to find out where it is spending its time.  Most programs 
spend most of their time in a small portion of the code By 
identifying this code, one can focus efforts at optimization where 
they are most needed.  

Textra   -   Textra is a powerful, yet easy to use, multi-window text
editor designed for programmers.  It uses the mouse to select text and 
allows Cut, Copy and Paste, operations between its windows.  
It also incorporates ARexx hooks that allows you to use provided 
macros (.textra files) for text processing (or write your own).  
Textra can communicate with JForth such that you can compile directly 
from the editor. If an error is encountered while compiling, Textra 
will highlight the error so the you can fix it quickly.

Tutorials - Beginner, intermediate and advanced guiding you through the
basics of the system.

Miscellaneous debugger tools - Showhunks for analyzing Amiga binary
files Graphics toolkits
Anims and animbrushes

...and so much more !!!

Don't forget to print out the excellent manual. Not only does it give
you invaluable information on the many tools provided, but there is 
also an excellent 3-stage tutorial 

Join the JForth mailing list !!! to subscribe send mail to 



subscribe JForth-list 

as the only line in the body 

You may download the software from :-


May the Forth be with you...always !!!

copyright Martin Randall  - August 1998

JForth Download Site Collapses Under The Load 

Press Release - 12th August 1998
03:30 EST. (USA) Wednesday 12th August 1998

Following the official announcement of the release of JForth
as freeware, the download site was inundated with requests from
Amigans, eager to try out this dynamic programming language most 
have only read about.

Phil Burk  "I'm getting swamped"

Phil   "I'm getting a hit a minute"

By 11:30, the site had all but stopped feeding the ravenous, 
hungry hoards that had descended on it.

Effectively, the site was dead between 12:00 and 19:00

It took until 19:05 until some relief came when a secondary  (ftp) site
was announced from Mike Haas.

In less than 2 hours, ( at approximately 11:30 (am) Hrs EST (USA)) the
Jforth download site was  'deluged ' with hundred's of download 
requests, overwhelming the system. A secondary server has now been 
brought on-line

The primary site is still :-


You can also try ftp'ing the secondary site :-


directory /users/h/haas

Mike Haas said  "I must say, I was surprised that there were enough 
downloads to max Phil's site"

Phil Burk " I'm amazed. I never imagined their were this many 
Amiga-heads (programmers) still out there"

The final 24-hour tally was server logged as 1,649 hits as people 
continued to try and get on the site.

Hopefully, the ftp server will alleviate the strain in the days ahead.

Copyright - Martin Randall - 12th August 1998

For Immediate release.	14 August 1998

	Following the events that have been going on, and
the changing fortunes of the Amiga market, I wish
to reaffirm my companies support for the Amiga
platform for as long as we are able. Things are
very difficult obviously and the news about CU
Amiga is very bad, as both it and Amiga Format
have been very supportive of this company in the

	As you may be aware we are working with Access
Innovations to bring the New SiamesePCI Amiga
card, or Siamese v4 to the market. Once this
product is ready I believe it can rejuvenate the
Amiga market into a good niche and take the Amiga
OS places it has never been, i.e. Into PC's and
Alpha's. I hope that the Amiga community will not
fragment and instead keep in touch via the many
great web sites including ours ;-) and register
their interest in continuing to support the
companies that are left in the market place.
Please understand, no dealers, no Amiga. Likewise,
no Amiga customers and no dealers.

	We have also decided to drop the price of Siamese
v2.5 to 69.95 pounds so that when the new Ariadne
card hits the streets very shortly then our
software will be cheaper to save you money to go
towards the Ethernet card. Also all Siamese
software owners will get a discount from their
future upgrade to the Siamese PCI card and

	New prices :-

	Siamese v2.1	Serial	    29.95  pounds        $ 
	Siamese v2.5	TCP/IP	    69.95  pounds	 $ 120.00 
	Siamese v4	PCI Amiga  399.00  pounds	 $ 499.00 
excludes 040/060.

	As some of you may be aware supporting the Alpha
processor and have some very good prices on what
is the fastest chip on the planet. The new 21264
look set to rock the world at last, and the
multiple processor boards, well !!

	Please check out our web site at

All the best

Stephen Jones   

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