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Editor's Notes

Welcome to the February 1998 issue of The Amiga Monitor!

That has a particularly nice ring to it, because (as you may have noticed if you've been following AM lately), it is quite a departure from the way things have been lately, and a very welcome one at that, as far as we're concerned. Our last three issues have been two-month issues. We weren't pleased about having to do that, but time and resources were simply too short and too few to do anything more.

Now, however, we are sincerely attempting to return to the purely monthly scheme. This issue is the first sign of that effort.

There are a few matters I would like to address before you proceed onward to the Table of Contents. First of all, I am aware of the current long-standing problem with my CompuServe account (MikeWebb@CompuServe.COM), and I am trying to clear out the accumulated load of mail. However, I still have to make an hour's trip to get to the computer with all my CompuServe mail on it, and it is taking quite some time to process everything. I hope to resolve the situation soon and take steps to prevent it from recurring; but I just wanted to reiterate this for all who have sent me mail, and are patiently awaiting a response. Let me promise simply that if I received your message, and if it warrants a reply, I will reply. It may take time, but I will reply.

On the subject of mail, thanks to all who wrote in in response to my A4000T review from last month. To those who offered helpful hints on the various problems I addressed, I will get to your messages as soon as possible. As you may notice from the left-side link palette, however, it turned out that there was a bit more A4000T to review! Over the last few weeks, I thought of a few areas I should have addressed in the review, and added some segments to this issue accordingly. Therefore, the entire A4000T review is in AM2_5-AM2_6, and this, AM2_7.

In addition, I would once again like to call your attention to the AM Reader Poll below. Thanks to those who responded; to everybody else, again, I ask that if you have an opinion on the subject of America Online and the Amiga, please take a look at the poll, and send in a response. Every little bit has the potential to make a difference, whatever difference it is we attempt to make in the long run. It depends on where the poll goes. We have the results so far listed as well.

Anyway, that's all I have to say for now. Have a good month, and I hope you enjoy this, our return to a true monthly publishing schedule.

Michael Webb
Publisher and Editor-in-Chief




Drop Back and Reboot
By Paul Somerfeldt
It's a fact of life of which we computer users can be especially aware at times; things go wrong. And whether it's a hard disk invalidation, or an important juncture in the course of life, there are some central ideas that always make a lot of sense.

The Sam Report: Schindler's List
By Sam Ormes
This month, the always-timely Sam Report raises important questions on the future of this platform, and the apparent direction of Amiga Incorporated.

AM Reader Poll: Amiga and America Online?: Results So Far
By Paul Somerfeldt
Here we have the results of our current Reader Poll (listed below), as obtained since it was first published in the December 1997 - January 1998 issue of AM.

AM Reader Poll: Amiga and America Online?: Month 2
By Paul Somerfeldt, Introduction by Michael Webb
You've seen the editorials. Now it's your turn to offer your opinions on this subject. Should America Online be made available to Amiga users? Would Amiga users benefit, or even want to use AOL? Every vote counts, so if you have an opinion, please take a look at this survey!

The Amiga ICQ Port Initiative
By Michael Webb
ICQ is a popular and growing online network by which users can communicate with each other in real-time, via a custom Internet client program. There is an initiative to have it ported to the Amiga, and it looks like the idea has some real potential.


Making Stereo Images and Animations With the Amiga
By Bill Graham
Back in the January 1997 issue of AM, Bill Graham provided a fascinating look at the world of 3D stereo imaging on the Amiga. Now, he revisits the subject, but with an emphasis on using ImageFX as the creative environment.

Results of AmiSurvey 97
Edited By Michael Webb
Included here are the results from a survey of online Amiga users conducted over much of the last few months. It provides an interesting and informative profile.


By Michael Webb

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to your Amigas...

Just as a quick introduction, there were a few areas I either didn't have time, or simply forgot, to cover in my A4000T review in the last issue. Therefore, I'm including a few additional sections here, and the entire review can be found in both AM2_5-AM2_6 and this, AM2_7.

Michael Webb


Book Review: Connect Your Amiga!
By Beth Wise
Dale Larson's indispensable guide to (Inter)networking of all sorts with Amigas.


The Amiga Gets Doom
By Steve Duff
It's taken years, but Doom is here, and in a big way (and several varieties).

By Michael Webb
A viewpoint on problems with Amiga gaming over the years, and an introduction to the following article...

We're Going Places
By Michael Webb
We're on the brink of what could be a major revival for the Amiga platform. Interestingly enough, some of the earliest (and strongest) indications are coming from a part of the Amiga community that has all too often left something to be desired: Games. But with Doom here and Quake right around the corner, can anyone question that something big is definitely going on?


The Tone Byte
By Anthony Becker
Tone takes a quick look at a number of current Amiga products and issues.

Lame Humor Department
By Kyle Webb
A satirical, sarcastic, sardonic, and sometimes downright silly look at affairs in the Amiga community, and life in general...also known as The Amiga Monitor's comic page.

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