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BRIDGES is the bisexual support and social group for the Cornell community. Our weekly meetings tend to alternate between discussion and social plans. The goal of the discussions are to offer a safe and confidential place to discuss issues related to bisexuality. Social events range from movie nights to vegetable carving (yes, I said vegetable carving... it's a long story). BRIDGES is also a place for us to make connections, leading to other good stuff, like community, visiBIlity, and political activism.

Please don't hesitate to write if you have any questions/comments/concerns.

Contact Information
Address: 207 WSH CAMPUS
Phone: 255-6482
Brian Utter, Co-Facilitator

Bisexual Web Resources

This is meant to be a resource for all of us, so *please* let me know if there is something else that should be here. // changed 2-1-2000