Haven's Vow of Confidentiality

Haven, and the groups within it, are dedicated to serving the needs of the student and local LGBTQ populations at Cornell. In many cases, this entails recognizing, and validating, the potentially awkward feelings people face when encountering such a situation.

Therefore, Haven is committed to maintaining an environment conducive to feelings of personal "safety," and complete confidentiality. We want to provide potentially closeted LGBTQ persons with the sense of caring, and respect, that we all deserve, but especially so when one is dealing with sexuality issues.

So while people may not necessarily be entirely comfortable in the context of a Haven group, as it is natural to feel some initial discomfort while beginning to come out, we do promise to do everything in our power to create the safest environment possible. Things people say are always to remain inside the groups (although outside discussion of the ideas involved is welcome, and encouraged). In such an environment, people are more free to explore the issues important to them without fear of discrimination, rejection, or hate.

However, this is not to imply that Haven's sole purpose is to provide a place for people still in the closet to talk about issues pertinent to them. There are varying degrees of "outness" associated with the various groups. For instance, many men who are at least reasonably comfortable with their sexuality tend to find MSM (Men Supporting Men) to be an enjoyable group. Those who are just beginning to explore sexuality issues, however, are likely to find Safe Space a more comfortable environment.

Further, Haven has something to offer to those who are totally out and comfortable with themselves as well. Some of the groups often address various types of issues in an engaging, social, discussion-oriented environment, and many people sometimes go just to spend time with other LGBTQ individuals. Several groups periodically hold social events outside the normal group setting. There are many faces to Haven, for many different people, in many different situations. And we hope to address those different situations as well as possible.

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Last Updated February 29, 2000

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