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Kyle Webb's online role is as Assistant Editor and Cartoonist for The Amiga Monitor online magazine as published by Excelsior Digital Publishing.

As cartoonist, she has created original editorial-style artwork for the so-called Lame Humor Department every issue since the third. She came up with the name "Lame Humor Department" herself, but it's anything but lame, and has been a big hit with the readers, who have sent in a significant amount of positive feedback over the months.

All cartoons featured in the Lame Humor Department are listed below. In addition, they have been re-converted to JPEG from their original IFF formats, correcting a problem many browsers had with the earlier cartoons, which were in GIF format.

All cartoons are Copyright 1996-1998 Kyle Webb, The Amiga Monitor, and Excelsior Digital Publishing. All rights reserved. If you wish to use or upload any of these anywhere, please notify Kyle ( in advance, and ultimately provide credit and a link to The Amiga Monitor Home Site,

AM1_3, AM1_4, AM1_5, AM1_6, AM1_7, AM1_8, AM1_9 (includes caption), AM1_10, AM1_11, AM1_12, AM2_1-AM2_2, AM2_3-AM2_4, AM2_5-AM2_6, AM2_7, AM2_8, AM2_9, AM2_10, AM2_11, AM2_12, AM3_1

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