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The publications and patents listed are selected works from an extensive body of research conducted on the part of the Meinwald Group and its collaborators.

  1. Synthesis of (3R)-3-Hydroxy-2-hexanone, (2R,3R)-2,3-Hexanediol and (2S,3R)-2,3-Hexanediol, the Male Sex Pheromone of Hylotrupes bajulus and Pyrrhidium sanguineum (Cerambycidae). F. Schröder, R. Fettköther, U. Noldt, W. A. König, W. Francke, Liebigs Ann. Chem. 1994, 1211-1218.
  2. The Male Pheromone of the Old House Borer Hylotrupes bajulus (L.) (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae): Identification and Response. R. Fettköther, K. Dettner, F. Schröder, H. Meyer, W. Francke, U. Noldt, Experientia 1995, 51, 270-277.
  3. Sex Pheromone of the Male House Longhorn Beetle Hylotrupes bajulus (L.) (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae). U. Noldt, R. Fettköther, F. Schröder, H. Meyer, K. Dettner, W. Francke, W. A. König, Proceedings of the 26th Annual Meeting of "The International Research Group on Wood Preservation", Hesingör, Denmark, June 1995.
  4. New Alkaloids from Ants: Identification and Synthesis of (3R,5S,9R)-3-Butyl-5-(1-oxopropyl)-indolizidine and (3R,5R,9R)-3-Butyl-5-(1-oxopropyl)indolizidine, Constituents of the Poison Gland Secretion in Myrmicaria eumenoides (Hymenoptera, Formicidae). W. Francke, F. Schröder, F. Walter, V. Sinnwell, H. Baumann, M. Kaib, Liebigs Ann. 1995, 967-977.
  5. Semiochemicals in Bark Beetles: New Results, Remarks and Reflections. W. Francke, J. Bartels, H. Meyer, F. Schröder, U. Kohnle, E. Baader, J. P. Vit?, J. Chem. Ecol. 1995, 21, 1043-1063.
  6. Identification and Synthesis of New Bicyclic Acetals from the Mountain Pine Beetle, Dendroctonus ponderosae Hopkins (Col.: Scol.). W. Francke, F. Schröder, P. Philipp, H. Meyer, V. Sinnwell, G. Gries, Bioorg. Med. Chem. 1996, 4, 363-374.
  7. Synthesis of (1S,2R,5R)-2-Ethyl-1,5-dimethyl-6,8-dioxabicyclo[3.2.1]octane, the Aggregation Pheromone of Male Beech Bark Beetles, Taphrorychus bicolor (Col., Scol.). W. Francke, F. Schröder, U. Kohnle, M. Simon, Liebigs Ann. 1996, 1523-1527.
  8. Myrmicarin 430A: a New Heptacyclic Alkaloid from Myrmicaria Ants. F. Schröder, H. Baumann, M. Kaib, V. Sinnwell, Chem. Commun. 1996, 2139-2140.
  9. 3,4-Epoxy-8-deoxycumambrin B, a Sesquiterpene Lactone from Tanacetum parthenium. M. Milbrodt, F. Schröder, W. A. König, Phytochemistry 1996, 44, 471-474.
  10. A New Family of Tricyclic Alkaloids from Myrmicaria Ants. F. Schröder, S. Franke, W. Francke, H. Baumann, M. Kaib, J. M. Pasteels, D. Daloze, Tetrahedron 1996, 52, 13539-13546.
  11. Myrmicarin 663: A New Decacyclic Alkaloid from Ants. F. Schröder, V. Sinnwell, H. Baumann, M. Kaib, W. Francke, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 1997, 36, 77-80.
  12. Mirasorvone: A Masked 20-Ketopregnane from the Defensive Secretion of a Diving Beetle (Thermonectus marmoratus). J. Meinwald, Q. Huang, J. Vrkoc, K. B. Herath, Z. Yang, F. Schröder, A. B. Attygalle, V. K. Iyengar, R. C. Morgan, and T. Eisner, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 1998, 95, 2733-2737.
  13. Induced Chemical Defense in Plants. F. Schröder, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 1998, 37, 1213-1216.
  14. Cysteine-glutathione disulfide, the sperm-release pheromone of the marine polychaete Nereis succinea (Annelida: Polychaeta). E. Zeeck, C. T. Müller, M. Beckmann, J. D. Hardege, U. Papke, V. Sinnwell, F. C. Schröder, W. Francke, Chemoecology 1998, 8, 33-38.
  15. Synthesis of Myrmicarin 217, a Pyrrolo[2,1,5-cd]indolizidine from Ants. F. Schröder, W. Francke, Tetrahedron 1998, 54, 5259-5264.
  16. Combinatorial Chemistry in Insects: A Library of Defensive Macrocyclic Polyamines. F. C. Schröder, J. J. Farmer, A. B. Attygalle, S. R. Smedley, T. Eisner, and J. Meinwald, Science 1998, 281, 428-431.
  17. Absolute Configuration of the Polyazamacrolides, Macrocyclic Polyamines Produced by a Ladybird Beetle. F. C. Schröder, J. J. Farmer, S. R. Smedley, T. Eisner, and J. Meinwald, Tetrahedron Lett. 1998, 39, 6625-6628.
  18. Psylloborine A, a New Dimeric Alkaloid from Ladybird Beetles. F. C. Schröder, T. Tolasch, Tetrahedron 1998, 54, 12243-12248.
  19. Sex Pheromone of Female Vine Bud Moth, Theresimima ampellophaga, Comprises (2S)-Butyl-(7Z)-tetradecenoate. M. Subchev, A. Harizanov, W. Francke, S. Franke, E. Plass, A. Reckziegel, F. Schröder, J.A. Pickett, L. J. Wadhams, C. M. Woodcock, J. Chem. Ecol. 1998, 24, 1141-1152.
  20. Polyazamacrolides from Ladybird Beetles: Ring-Size Selective Oligomerization. F. C. Schröder, S. R. Smedley, L. K. Gibbons, J. J. Farmer, A. B. Attygalle, T. Eisner, J. Meinwald, Proc. Acad. Natl. Sci. USA 1998, 95, 13387-13391.
  21. N-Methylquinolinium 2-carboxylate, a Defensive Betaine from Photuris versicolor Fireflies. A. Gonz?lez, F. C. Schroeder, T. Eisner, J. Meinwald, J. Natl. Prod. 1999, 62, 378-380.
  22. Metabolic Transformations of Acquired Lucibufagins by Firefly "Femmes Fatales". A. Gonzales, F. C. Schroeder, A. B. Attygalle, A. Svatos, J. Meinwald, T. Eisner, Chemoecology 1999, 9, 105-112.
  23. A Combinatorial Library of Macrocyclic Polyamines Produced by a Ladybird Beetle. F. C. Schroeder, J. J. Farmer, A. B. Attygalle, S. R. Smedley, T. Eisner, and J. Meinwald, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2000, 122, 3628-3634.
  24. Miriamin, a defensive diterpene from the eggs of a land slug (Arion sp.). Frank C. Schroeder, Andrés Gonz?lez, Thomas Eisner, and Jerrold Meinwald, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 1999, 96, 13620-13525.
  25. Chiral Silylation Reagents for the Determination of Absolute Configuration by NMR Spectroscopy. Douglas B. Weibel, Tameka R. Walker, Frank C. Schroeder, Jerrold Meinwald, Organic Letters 2000, 2, 2381-2383.
  26. Synthesis of Macrocyclic Insect-Derived Alkaloids. Jay J. Farmer, Frank C. Schroeder, Jerrold Meinwald, Helv. Chim. Acta 2000, 83, 2594-2606.
  27. A host plant compound controls host recognotion by the tobacco hornworm: A peripheral neural mechanism for specialization, Marta L. Oliva, Frank C. Schroeder, Carol I. Miles, Caroline Mueller, Ronald Booker, J. Alan Renwick, Nature 2000, submitted.
  28. Chemical defense: bestowal of a nuptial alkaloidal garment by a male moth upon its mate. William E. Conner, Ruth Boada, Frank C. Schroeder, Andres Gonzales, Jerrold Meinwald, Thomas Eisner, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 2000, in press.
  29. A defensive macrolide from the larvae of the cabbage fly (Pieris rapae). Frank C. Schroeder, Douglas B. Weibel, Scott R. Smedley, Thomas Eisner, and Jerrold Meinwald, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 2000, in prep.

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