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Editor's Notes

As spring rolls around and we're finally seeing some serious sunshine here at our corporate offices in central New York, we at Connectrix would like to extend a warm greeting to our customers. And for those of you who may be reading Connectrix Update for the first time, welcome to our community.

This is the second issue of our company newsletter, and we're pleased to say we received a lot of positive feedback after the first issue came out back in January. We'd like to make sure this continues to be a forum for discussion of current company developments relevant to all of our customers, associates, and employees.

This has been a very productive and prosperous year at Connectrix. It's been almost a full year since we launched our newest line of PDAs at the WPDD (World of Portable Digital Devices) trade show in Miami, and we have received a very enthusiastic market response. In March, we doubled our production capacity by expanding into two entirely new facilities, and the demand has certainly been keeping up.

There is definitely a lot of current development going on in both Connectrix and the industry as a whole. In this issue, we take a look at some of these developments, such as Connectrix's new Scribble handwriting recognition system, and our new Digi-Pen system for easy communication among people with Connectrix PDAs. You can also find out more about the ergonomic considerations that have gone into the design of our newest PDA keyboards and other peripherals.

These are exciting times in the development of portable digital devices. We're in the middle of a true revolution in how people communicate and stay organized, and it will be interesting to see which direction the technology will take us next.

Mike Webb, Editor-in-Chief

News and New Products

Behind the New Scribble System
By Brian Hackett
Handwriting recognition, a key factor in the PDA market, has been in development for a long time. With Scribble, the technology is taking a huge step forward towards truly intuitive ease-of-use.

Wave of PDA Digital Signature Solutions
By Jae-Won Kim
There has been a great deal of current development in the area of digital signature storage technology for PDAs, with wide-ranging implications for all PDA users. At this time, several new digital signature systems are being released throughout the industry.

Digi-Pen: Pen Computing Solution
By Jae-Won Kim
Connectrix's new Digi-Pen technology promises to bring new levels of fun, efficiency, and ease-of-use to keeping in touch with friends and associates via your PDA. It's as natural as doodling on a notepad.

Featured Articles

Tips on Scheduling Events With LifeSynch
By Brian Hackett
Stay on top of your schedule and get more out of our LifeSynch software with this handy how-to on some lesser-known, but highly useful, features.

Digital Rodents: What is this "mouse" all about?
By Mike Webb
There are many things about our computers today that we take for granted. But there's an interesting history of research, development, and simply time-honored testing of a wide variety of computer hardware -- especially something we use every day, like a mouse.

Using Ergonomics to Design the Butterfly Keyboard
By Brian Hackett
Connectrix engineers turn to the human side of machine design to find ways to combine compact size, light weight, and complete functionality with comfort and ease-of-use in a new PDA keyboard design.

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