What Is Haven?

A variety of LGBTQ- (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning), or "queer-" or "gay-" oriented organizations exist at Cornell University. At the administrative hub is the LGBTRC (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Resource Center), an actual part of the university with full-time professional staff, in addition to student employees. On the other hand, D.A.S.H. (Direct Action to Stop Homophobia) is a student organization dedicated to direct political and social action (such as rallies, gay-themed events, working with the administration on issues of discrimination, etc.) And there's an actual academic department within Cornell's College of Arts & Sciences devoted to LBG (Lesbian, Bisexual, & Gay) Studies.

But many people are interested in a more support- and discussion-oriented atmosphere. For that, a variety of support/discussion/social groups exists at Cornell. Each one is geared towards a group of people with particular interests or concerns; for instance, MSM (Men Supporting Men) is for gay, bisexual, and questioning (GBQ) males, while LBQ (Lesbian, Bisexual, and Questioning Women) is just what the name says. However, people who are really uncertain, or uncomfortable, might be more interested in Safe Space, a group dedicated to people who are just questioning their own sexuality, or issues of sexual/gender identity and/or sexual orientation. There are also a "queer people of color" group (Mosaic), a religion/spirituality-oriented group (Dialogue), a group for Bisexual people (BRIDGES (Bisexuals ReInventing Definitions of GEnder and Sexuality)), a group intended to provide support and outreach around issues of sexual identity and homophobia within the Greek (fraternity/sorority) system (Greeks United Against Homophobia), and a group dedicated to education and outreach, and increasing awareness, communication, and cooperation between the gay and straight communities (CUGSA (Cornell University Gay-Straight Alliance)).

So how does Haven fit into this picture?

There was once a student organization at Cornell called the LGBT Coalition. It functioned as an administrative umbrella organization for the support/discussion groups, and also as a direct political/social action entity. The Coalition dissolved last year, but the direct action component reformed in early 1999 as DASH.

To aid DASH in taking the place of the Coalition, Haven has formed as a new student organization, providing the same administrative umbrella functionality for the support/discussion groups. This represents more of a restructuring than anything else, and we're hoping to do an even more effective job than ever in managing, supporting, and getting the word out about Cornell's LGBTQ student support/discussion groups.

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